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I may not be blogging, but that doesn’t mean i’m not doing.
My life turned into a “big girl life” all of a sudden, and while that can be a horrifying thought, it’s actually been…pretty cool.  Please note:  I’ve been a “big girl” (I wear sexy panties and I’ve finally outgrown my training bra) for quite some time.  It’s just that, now I’m starting and belonging to my very own family.  With different responsibilities and things, like – sharing a sink with a lover.  Every day.  Not just on weekends.  Weird.  But cool.  Make sense? 
Baby on the way:  It’s no secret that I’m pregnant and we’re expecting at the end of August.  The pregnancy has been great so far!  I’m currently 16 weeks and feeling pretty strong and healthy.

I started pre-natal yoga last week and it is amazing.  I never cared much for yoga, what with all the breathing and concentrating and not thinking about “outside” things…but man!  It’s been so good for me.  I’ve been letting go, clearing the cobwebs from the deepest corners of my mind and really embracing the concept.  I imagine I’ll stick with it, even after the little one is born.
I’ve also been going to the gym a few times a week.  Jogging/walking for at least 45 mins.  I’m not gonna lie, I want to stay as fit and trim as possible during this pregnancy; however, the benefits of having a regular workout routine has really upped my energy levels and keeps my moodiness in check.  (Which MP appreciates immensely.)
Currently craving – Tapatio, jalapeno (anything spicy), baked potatoes, water (drinking it all day, every day), watermelon-shaped/flavored Sour Patch candy, and sometimes…really, really, really bad food (like Taco Bell or Arby’s).  Oh and skin care has become so important to me.  Stretch marks?  Not for this girl.  In fact, if you’re pregnant (or know someone who is) and looking for a great pregnancy skin care line, check out Mama Mio.  MP bought me a gift set and so far…I love it!  (They also sell non-pregnancy related products.)
My Boy:  Taylor is playing Little League this spring, so we’ve been busy with weekly games/practices and Saturday’s spent at the ballpark.  He’s doing really well and absolutely loves the game.  I’m so proud of him.  Go Yankees! 
In Other News:  I’ve been studying for the Series 66 Exam.  It’s the follow-up exam to the Series 7.  The 7 (just to give you an idea) is like the bar exam of the Financial Industry.  I passed the 7 a few years ago.  In order to up status/pay in my line of work, taking the 66 is necessary.  It’s time-consuming and difficult, as I am not a natural when it comes to studying.  Are you yawning?!  Me too… 
In Happy News:  we registered at Babies R US last weekend!  Mostly just for the, what I like to call, “big-ticket” items.  Crib/changing table, stroller/car seat, high chair, 4-n-1 pack in play.  I’m sure we’ll make several more trips, as we have lots more to add.  Plus, it’s exhausting figuring out what you want, how many of each, which item is better, etc.  But it’s so fun!  I’ve also been gathering inspiration and ideas for decorating her room.  Click here, here, here, and here for a little sneak peek.  I’m not into themes or Disney characters, so I imagine her room will be somewhat simple with a few vintage/eclectic pieces here and there. I’m not sure where to look for bedding, so if any of you have suggestions, please let me know.   
Travel Plans:  MP and I are headed to IL next week.  His younger sister is getting married in April and next weekend is her bachelorette/bridal shower.  She lives in FL with her fiance, but most of her friends and family are back in the Midwest.  MP’s brother and sister-in-law might be headed this way, as well.  They reside in Tokyo, but because of the recent disasters, they’ve decided to head somewhere safe for a while.  It’ll be nice to visit with MP’s family, as I haven’t seen them in over 10 years!  In April, we head to FL for a weekend of fun in the sun, virgin pina coladas, and Jennifer’s wedding.  I am so looking forward to a vacation!!
Wedding Plans:  Have been placed on hold for the time being.  We are still discussing whether or not to get married before or after baby comes.  There’s just so much going on right now.  It’s overwhelming at times, so I’m trying to take everything as it comes.

So yeah…that’s what I’ve been up to.  My only wish is that there were more hours in the day…to spend with my family or to spend snoozing.  Other than that, as of late, I feel incredibly lucky and blessed.  I really couldn’t be happier! 

This was nice, playing catch-up!
Maybe I’ll do it again, sometime.  Maybe. 



16 thoughts on “stuff and things

  1. oh paiiiiiiiiiiiige. im so happy to hear from you! Can you BELIEVE train wreck? wow… this one was a doooozy! hahahaha. I love that you made me so cynical(?) whenever I read it. It makes me miss you ladies, doesn’t it feel like a freaking million years ago that we all hung out like bums for a weekend crying and drinking? i don’t want those memories to EVER fade!!!
    sounds like you are busy and happy. isnt yoga great? i loved it when i did it and now i miss it. Have you been influenced by Christina?? ;)

  2. also, i hope you post some outfit photos when you get bigger! i am curious to see what you do!

    (and i think yoga is really good for people who can’t turn their brains off naturally. it kind of forces you to slow down and really just focus, something i am rather horrible at.)

  3. Glad you are doing and feeling well! Funny, even though it’s been over 5 years since I was pregnant I’ve recently been craving some of my pregnancy food cravings. Taco Bell Nacho Bell Grandes (I would order two at a time—highly NOT recommended!), Jays Limon chips, and pickle and mayo sandwiches…yum! Try to be stronger than me! :)

  4. That baby bump is seriously adorable!
    I worked out all through my last pregnancy and when I tell you that labor and delivery was so much different than the prior time ~ 6 hours vs. 36 hours!
    And I totally get what you mean about the exercising keeping your mental clarity in check.
    I become a two headed monster that spews pea soup when I lapse.
    Like MP, family much appreciates the mental well being!
    So happy to have gotten an update!!!

  5. My cravings are so boring! Milk and red cabbage. I want to be craving hamburgers, cheese fries and Moose Tracks Ice Cream.

  6. You’re missed in the blogosphere, Mama Barefoot, but I’m so happy that it’s such a full and exciting life to keep you away from blogging. Hugs to your adorable little belly!!!

  7. woah, ok i am way behind here. a little bird told me you deleted your blog, so i took it off my reader! THE RUMORS WERE FALSE!

    like emilys said – i def miss your regular presence around these parts, but srsly, could things be ANY better for you?! :) xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Yea! Such exciting things happening in your life! So glad you got us all caught up and can’t wait to find out if it’s a girl or boy! Are you finding out?

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