artsy fartsy

Taylor's 5th grade Art Class collage

part of me wants to believe that this collage is about me, as i think taylor’s subconscious is at work, here.
a woman’s body with a baby head.
i’m a woman.  i’m having a baby.
or maybe taylor is just cooler than i thought and his sense of humor runs deeper than i suspected?
the real question is:  what are those balls that are coming out of my head and what do they signify??
i asked taylor, but apparently 10-year-old artists don’t have explanations for their work.

feel free to share your thoughts.

happy friday!

P.s.  It’s been a week since the Japan earthquake/Pacific tsunami.  It breaks my heart that so many people are suffering.  It’s hard to sit here and complain about anything trivial when so many human beings have lost so much.  If you haven’t already, please donate.  Visit FOR JAPAN WITH LOVE or the American Red Cross, for more details.  (I donated to the Red Cross.)  Every little bit counts.  Also, please check local businesses to find out if there are household items you can donate.  For example, a local sporting goods store is accepting gently used shoes as a donation.  For more details, visit the Sport Chalet webpage.  There are locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.


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