name it, win it.

19 weeks, 4 days

up close and personal, no?

check it out…my innie is slowly becoming an outie.  ha!  that thing is going to look like a circuit breaker switch in no time.  ahh the joys of being pregnant.

so far, so good!  still not getting sick, no major food aversions, the aches and pains are minimal; however, there are many sleepless nights, 3 am snacks, and multiple bathroom breaks throughout the day and night.  and…i have officially started buying maternity pieces – a pair of work pants, a few tanks, tees, and some linen pants for weekend wear.  if it weren’t for my pride, i would’ve started sooner…i am so much more comfortable now.  i also purchased a be band so that i can wear pre-pregnancy jeans.  smart.  very smart.

in other baby news…i’m stuck on a middle name.  we’ve come up with a few, but still can’t make a decision.  and although we’re in no rush to nail it down, i thought it would be fun to grab your opinion.  you may choose your top two faves from the list below.  (please note:  at 13 weeks, one doctor and nurse told us that the baby is 90% girl; however, our main doctor has not confirmed that.  we’ll know for sure on wednesday.)  sooooo, there’s a possibility i’m jumping the gun.  ah well! 

vote, please! 

ps.  in regards to the post’s title – you will not win my baby if you pick the name we choose.  in fact, you don’t win anything for taking this “poll”.  but thanks for playing!


24 thoughts on “name it, win it.

  1. This is such a sweet photo, and namewise, I think these are all great options! (Although I’d definitely vote in favor of having a middle name.) I also love that so many of the middles you’re considering start with vowels – they’ll make for much more fun initials monogrammed on her school backpack. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be friends with ZAP? :)

  2. thanks eleanor! i dig autumn, too…something about it. :)
    the photo did turn out pretty cool i guess…thanks! i was literally in flannel pj bottoms and a tank…who knew!

  3. i voted for fiona because it has a unique vibe to it and it’s just a really cool name…but i voted for elizabeth too because it has a nice flow with the last name :)
    this is so exciting!!!!

  4. sweeeetie!! you are so adorable! ahh those bellybuttons, aren’t pregnant bodies amazing? I don’t know how we do it, i really don’t!

    Anyway, i voted!! All those names are great though – i’m so excited for you guys!

  5. Hi Paige,

    Lovely name Zoey, that`s why I voted no middle name. I think it sounds powerfull and decisive. Love it !

    ps. Beautiful belly you have there, with the almost popped belly button…Cute!

    Liefs Ingeli

  6. Zoey!!! Elias and I are no-where near having a baby but from time to time a name comes along and we say “ooh! When we have a baby that would be a fun name”. One such name for us has been Zooey. I think Zoey Annabelle sounds so sweet.

  7. EEEEEeeee!!!

    I voted for Fiona.

    I like Autumn a lot, but then I thought that Autumn Persson sounded like a type of person. I’m an autumn person, myself. Ya know?

    I miss you a lot.

    And I swear to god woman, if I don’t win this baby I will be furious.



    • hiiii miss lady!

      guess what? persson is actually pronounced pierce-son.
      yeah…does that change things for ya? it may.

      i think most peeps are thinking person, so i may do another post…just to update all the voters, as it may have an affect on their vote! hmmmmmm…

      miss you too!
      have a fantastic weekend.

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  9. I voted! Part of me thinks “Alexandra” is so regal, feminine, and that she’d be a totally intellectual, stunning heartbreaker. But Hannah is one of my all-time favorites; never met a Hannah who I didn’t want to hug and tell my every secret to—

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!


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