hello friday, hello friends!

at the end of february, jenni of stop making sense passed the “versatile blogger award” my way.  i was honored, but didn’t get around to properly thanking her.  so…thank you, jenni! 

when you’ve been given this award, it’s customary to share 7 random/interesting facts with your readers and then pass the award off to a handful of other inspiring, interesting, funny, creative, fabulous bloggers. 

MP wanted to share what he thinks are random/interesting facts about me:

1.  my big toes curve up a bit.  like an elf’s, but not as extreme.  even if i flex my feet, the big toes stay pointing up.   

2.  i might actually be the world record holder for hitting the snooze button.  MP says i “snooze” more than i sleep.

3.  i snort when i laugh. 

4.  i may have mentioned this before, but i cannot stand it when people don’t put their cart away at the grocery store.  don’t be lazy!  and don’t try to tell me that it’s some pimply faced teenager’s job.  just be courteous.  there’s a designated “put your cart here” area for a reason.  duh.     

5.  i love love love b-rated horror flicks.  love.  i’m also very fond of sci-fi. 

6.  please don’t tell me to relax if i’m clearly not relaxed. 

7.  my fave part of every morning is climbing into bed with taylor.  he’s so cuddly and sweet when he’s waking up.  *warm fuzzies*  but then he realizes that he has to actually get up and get dressed and go to school.  which makes him a bit cranky.  he’s not always a morning person.  MP says he takes after his mother.  psssht.  (see #2)

i’m giving the “versatile blogger award” to:

for perfectly cut bangs and a 70’s/boho style to die for – cayce of madame joy
because she’s just about the sweetest thing around – linda of rose a la mode
for creative styling ideas and lovely photos – veronika of girl & closet
from thrifty finds, to music, to beauty products – meghan of high plains thrifter
for mouth-watering recipes and down to earth(ness) – laura of sweetersalt

do yo’ thang chicken wangs!


7 thoughts on “winning.

  1. i’m blushing :) truly honored to be among your list of versatile bloggers! loved learning these little known facts about you. i wish i were brave enough to watch horror flicks but i’m a big chicken when it comes to those things!

  2. #7 is just too sweet! My little guy still crawls into bed with me in the morning (to get my lazy ass out of bed), but I hope when the tables are turned ans I crawl into bed with him he doesn’t promptly kick me out! (aw, who’s kidding, everyone knows I’m raising a mama’s boy!).
    #4 drives me bonkers too! Like it’s so hard to walk 12 feet to the cart corral!

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