20 weeks

hat/necklace – urban outfitters, top – hanky panky via nordstrom, belt – thrifted, maxi skirt – miskabelle on etsy (love these girls and their shop.  check it out!)


half-way there!  can you believe it?!  i’m so excited.

for those of you who voted (and if you haven’t, please do!), MP’s last name (and soon to be mine and zoey’s) is pronounced PIERCE-SON, not PERSON.  i know it looks that way, probably should have mentioned it.  regardless, thanks for voting!

*sorry for the grainy photos!

have a lovely weekend, friends.


12 thoughts on “20 weeks

  1. Awww I miss seeing your pretty face. Your belly is getting so big. I can’t wait to come visit you and Zoey. Maybe next winter I’ll take a break from the snow and come see you and Jaimee (and MP/Zoe/taylor)

  2. Hello Paige, you look absolutely gorgeous. I just adore your style and hope that I’ll be as fabulously stylish as you when I’m pregnant. AND thank you so much for the bloggy award, will have to come up with some fine answers to those fun questions. xx veronika

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