weekend recap

taylor had a baseball game on saturday.  it was sunny, but kinda cold.  my brain does not compute the need for sunscreen when it’s chilly outside.
ps.  i got a much-needed pedicure on sunday.  they were looking a bit gnarly.

ack!  seriously?!  my feelings on this. 
saturday shopping was a success!  we happened to be near a ross, so we decided to explore.  it’s always when you’re expecting nothing that you find something(s)…a white maxi dress with pretty eyelet detailing, a great pair of kenneth cole aviators, a nine west floppy straw hat, and a pair of navy blue palazzo pants (complete with elastic waist for my growing belly.)  daaaahling, is the yacht fueled and ready to go?  hee heeee!  we’re leaving for FL on wednesday.  i needed these things.  they screamed florida keys to me.

we got a new bissell carpet cleaner!!  
i had a serious mommy-to-be melt down a few weeks ago…
“this floor is filthy!  the dog is shedding all over everything!  i’m tired of living like this!  there is no way in hell i’m letting my brand new baby crawl around on this floor!  let’s rip up the carpet and install wood flooring!”  dramatic much?  i literally had tears streaming down my face.  MP and roscoe stared at me with horror in their eyes.  since wood flooring is not a feasible option, MP calmly suggested that we buy or rent a carpet cleaner.  a couple of weeks later…a new one arrived on our doorstep…thanks to his parents.  *big smile*  now MP we can shampoo the carpets anytime we want!    
ps.  the dirty water that came out of that machine confirmed that my irrational outburst was legit.  soot from the fireplace, dirt from our shoes, hair from the dog.  gross gross gross! 

other things:

*zoey elizabeth is winning, but zoey autumn is a very close second.  and remember, it’s PIERCE-SON, not PERSON.  vote here!
*i tried on bathing suits this weekend.  and then i cried. 
*i had a lovely lunch with my dear friend steph.  she’s pregnant too!  and due to pop in the next couple of weeks.  we had baskin robbins after lunch.  peer pressure from a pregnant friend  is a) worse than peer pressure from a regular friend and b) even worse when you’re pregnant, too.   
*i recently downloaded a bunch of really silly 90s movies to watch with taylor.  we watched problem child yesterday.  remember that movie?  with john ritter?  taylor loved it.   

how was your weekend?



6 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. oh those feet just look painful!! but it sounds like the burn was for a good cause. and you’re going to the keys???? which one? so jealous. we spent a few days on islamorada during christmas. even when it was chilly, it was beautiful. have soooo much fun!

  2. I have that same Bissell cleaner! And by have I mean I borrowed it from my parents and never returned it. My cat has some…problems…and it does a pretty good job.
    I love popping into places like Ross or Marshalls when I’m looking for nothing. Last time I found low-heeled sandal/clogs and Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil, but not “Moroccan Oil”).
    Have fun in the Keys, and don’t forget that sunblock!

  3. Just looking at how red your feet are makes me hurt too.

    I’m the same way with the floors. The rest of the house can be a little messy but if my floors are clean, I feel like everything is going to be okay.

    I love the name Zoey. My opinion doesn’t matter worth a lick at all, but I do really like it. :)

    Yay for the Keys! Even though I live in Florida, I’ve only been to the Keys twice I think. It’s fun. Hope you have a great time!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom’s Closet

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