baby update


just a little baby update.

these were taken at our last appointment, around 20.5 weeks.  (currently, i’m 22 weeks.)
the doctor confirmed that “baby barefoot” is 100% GIRL!!


she’s healthy and growing perfectly…and giving us the thumbs up to confirm it!  (see photo 2)

i’ll be back at some point this week to share photos from our trip to the florida keys…it was ah-mazing.

happy easter, friends!


10 thoughts on “baby update

  1. This surely means you have to go shop for great girls clothes… Bummer ;-)

    Groetjes Ingeli

    Ps. what is your address, I have a little gift for the vintage-fashion-lover-to-be…

  2. Congratulations! This baby is going to come into such a wonderful family and be surrounded with so much love! Plus, I can’t wait to see her style blogging debut. Have you already started stockpiling awesome clothes??

  3. yay for a healthy baby GIRL!!!! it has been so exciting to see her development already. can’t wait for her to be here and dressed in her stylish outfits by her stylish mama! :)

  4. Such an exciting time for you and your family! Baby girls are so much fun! (btw…hope you like the color pink; it seems like that’s the only color baby girl clothes are made in…lol!)

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