checking in

to the 39 peeps who are still reading my neglected blog…thank you! 

i haven’t had any free time to devote to barefoot & vintage, as i have been absolutely swamped at work.    

here’s the skinny:  a few weeks ago, when i returned from florida, the guys i work for decided to switch financial firms.  and although that doesn’t mean much to most of you…it’s bananas.  basically, we are moving over 500 accounts from one firm to another.  new paperwork, stacks and stacks of forms, missing signatures, learning a new system, meeting new coworkers, getting acclimated to a different work environment, etc…i’ve worked overtime, i’ve worked saturdays…i’m pooped!  i come home from work and i feel unbelievably exhausted.  but i like the new digs, so there’s that.  oh and overtime is nice on the old paycheck.

in my “free-time”  (hahaha.  what’s that?)  we’re going to little league baseball games, researching baby items, starting our baby registry, planning the baby shower, and clearing out the 3rd bedroom for baby z.  it’s all so exciting! 

speaking of baby…i’m 24.5 weeks along.  my boobs are huge (sweeeet), my butt is getting quite plump (eeek) and it’s quite difficult to bend over (oye).  but overall, i really enjoying being pregnant!

i’d like to share photos from the FL trip, but until then…my life in photos:


workworkwork/puppy love/23 weeks/mother’s day breakfast


11 thoughts on “checking in

  1. ACK! I so wish I could’ve seen you while you were in Florida! Unless you weren’t close. In which case I probably wouldn’t have been able to anyway. :)

    Your little baby bump is ADORABLE! My parents have those same dishes, they’re so familiar to me. :)

    I’m sorry your life is so hectic right now with work but we’re here waiting when you’re able to come back.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom’s Closet

  2. whoa it sounds pretty crazy over at chez paige! i bet you can’t wait for maternity leave! and speaking of, that belly is soooo cute :) so good to hear from you again!!!! miss you lady!

  3. This post makes me SO happy. I hear your paige voice talking in your paige way….
    I cant wait to meet baby Z one day. And it’s great to see an update from you :)

  4. aw, paige! im sorry life is so busy for you! but hey – overtime is pretty sweet! glad to get an update when we can. miss you! xoxo

  5. Glad to hear you and baby are doing well. All the fuss at work will keep your mind off of your changing bod and probably all of the other 100 million things you need to do before the baby arrives!
    And yay for little league! I’m spending my free time at t-ball games!

  6. Good to hear that everything is well, albeit hectic.
    Your baby bump is totally A~dorable…and enjoy the boobs while they are there.
    I got into D’s during my pregnancy but alas they went away.
    At least they don’t look like deflated helium balloons. Yet.

  7. You look MAGICAL! Look at that beautiful bump. And, Hi, puppy paws—

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, and mutual appreciation for odd abbreviations. How are you feeling? Ready? Out of your mind excited? I can’t even imagine!


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