hello feet


remember when violet blew up like a blueberry on willy wonka and the chocolate factory?  that’s what this photo reminds me of.

i’m really loving my pregnant belly, but it’s certainly becoming more difficult to do easy things like – tie my shoes, put on socks, “drop it like it’s hot”, or bend over to pick something up.  (i mean really, i dropped my mascara tube 3 times this am and by the third drop, i seriously considered just leaving it there.)  i’m not even that big yet!  i think mark may have to get me one of those reacher thingys with the pinchers on the end – so i can pick stuff up without bending over.

but anyway…

baby room update – mark steam cleaned the carpets and washed the windows from the inside.  he may do the outside this weekend.  and we plan to go shopping for paint on sunday.  any color suggestions?  i think we’ll stick with a white, but there are so many whites!  who knew?!  or maybe one wall with color, the rest white?  i don’t know…i’m horrible with this sort of thing.  suggestions are much appreciated

ta-ta for now,


7 thoughts on “hello feet

  1. hahahaha!!! i remember those days when i had to seriously think about whether or not it was worth it to pick something up off the floor. and the problem is that at that point you’re so clumsy that everything ends up down there. but you are so super adorable! i wish i could make it out for your baby shower :( i miss hanging out with you! i know it was only one weekend, but it was awesome. and i’d like to do it again! oh and may i recommend benjamin moore’s classic grey? i have that on my walls at home and love it. it’s just a step off of white but to me it’s softer than a bright white. i don’t know, i have been more than happy with it.

  2. the room is such a blank slate, you could do anything! maybe white with some kind of large graphic stencil in a color on one wall?

  3. I love that picture, too cute for words.

    Paint colors for baby rooms are so fun. I like soft citrus colors for baby girls, tangerine might be my favorite. I’m sure it will be adorable any way!


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