on baby bedding

baby bedding.

let’s talk about it, shall we?

i’ve spent many hours on the internet, searching for the perfect bedding for baby z’s crib…and let me tell ya, it hasn’t been an easy task.  for three reasons:

1.  not to offend, but most of the bedding sets at places like target, babies r us, or kohl’s…are gaudy.  affordable yes, but gaudy.  not only that, but we don’t want a “theme”, per se and i really can’t stand the matchy-matchy element of a set. 
2.  the bedding that i do like is super expensive.      
3.  we’ve considered going the “basics” route.  meaning – basic colors and ala carte items – sheets, bumper, bed skirt, etc.  however…did you know that some basics are often more expensive than a set?!  crib bumpers (plain white ones!) can be 115 bucks a pop! 

so…what’s a swollen-footed, watermelon eating, penny-pinching, waddling pregnant woman to do?

i’ll tell you!

sheets, bumper, skirt – we’re going basic.  although some websites charge an arm and a leg for ala carte items, places like babies r us and target offer affordable mix-n-match pieces.  woo hoo!

comforter/blankets – sometimes you can purchase items from a set, separately.  for example, i really dig dwell’s menagerie and skip hop’s flower burst (see below).

nursery decor –  eclectic thrift store/vintage finds, of course!

*note:  the only “set” that i can imagine purchasing is the skip hop flower burst.  i like that the sheets/skirt are somewhat neutral and the design itself doesn’t scream, “hello!  i’m a theme!”  and…it’s available at target. 

i’ve included a few photos of colors and patterns that i really like.  there’s no rhyme or reason to the choices – some are neutral, some are girly (but not too girly!)  the colors are pretty similar though – tangerine, salmon, minty blue, lime greens, and neutrals.

let me know what you think.  and if you’re a new mommy (or even if you’re not!) and have any suggestions, i’d love to hear them! 


1-4.  fabrics via carousel bedding
5.  boppy bedding in mint (source)
6.  dwell menagerie via target
7.  skip hop flower burst (source

thanks for your suggestions/ideas!



12 thoughts on “on baby bedding

    • I remember having the same problem when I was expecting my son. I ended up going a la carte also with basic colors from places like target and JCP. I was also annoyed that all I could find were pastels. You’d think someone would make baby bedding in bright vibrant colors! Of course I lusted over Dwell bedding but couldnt justify the cost, and Target hadn’t come out with their line with them yet. I think the colors and and prints you picked out are great and will look gorgeous. I have to say I’m a sucker for owl prints!

  1. You are wise not to spend a fortune on bedding. Between spit up, overful dirty diapers, bottle leakage and goodness knows whatever other wonders she can stir up, that bedding will go through the mill!

    I bought my daughter’s bedding from JCP (cheap)due to overall cost/what it was being used for.
    I had found her changing table at a flea market,refinished it and splurged on the baskets and padding for it from Pottery Barn.
    The rest of her room was an eclectic mix of high and low with me finding her decor everywhere from flea markets & garage sales and Target to baby boutiques.
    In the end it was a perfect mix as I’m sure baby Z’s will be!

  2. When I was pregnant with my little girl we again didn’t want to spend a fortune or have it all matchy matchy too. We painted three walls white and wallpapered the final wall with a graphic of big round circles in various pinks. We added wall stickers (removable). We got a cot bed which she is still using at 4! I bought two good quality white fitted sheets and they are still in use now. She didn’t need bedlinen till nearly three as she was in a zip up grobag. And when we had number two we did pretty much the same thing. The cot bumper things aren’t a necessity! My two are 4 and 2 now and we haven’t needed to make any decor changes yet!

  3. Hi Paige,

    In the Netherlands we do it a bit different…

    We don`t use bed skirts…(I always think they are quite Martha Stewarty, I`m not a fan, sorry Americans) and what the heck is a bumper?
    I just used a white sheet with a vintage blanket, mostly knitted or crocheted. Those blankets are so colourful that you don`t need to adjust the room. Just put some beautiful framed postcards on the wall and you`re done!
    No fuss!!!

    But that`s the Dutch, we keep it simple. Go with whatever feels right!

    Love Ingeli

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