oh sweet friday // vol 1

happy friday, friends!

things that made me smile this week…

*my two fave boys hangin’

*my bump

*roscoe love

on the internets and some other things…

*i really want to try this knotty pony tail…thanks linda!

*loving this mobile.  (i just learned about giggle!  we may have to register a few things there…great stuff for baby.)

*tiny buddha provided an inspiring quote/post on forgiveness…just when i needed it most.

*i’m digging this ceramic “night-light” for zoey’s room!

*best. product. EV-AR.  i’ve been using it religiously twice a day for about 2 months and i love it.  if you have sensitive/acne prone skin/even if you don’t…i highly recommend this product.

*i received an exciting email from my bff this am – she’ll be in california in september (she currently lives in australia) and she’s planning to stay with us for a few days!  i’m so so so elated that she’ll get to meet little zoey.  it brings tears to my eyes!

and with that…i bid you a relaxing, fun-filled, problem free memorial day weekend!
(oh!  and thank you so much for the bedding suggestions and thoughts.  and to my new readers/commenters – hello!  thanks for visiting.)


3 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 1

  1. Hi, I’m Paige too and I’ve been visiting your blog or site or whatever these are called for almost a year (maybe not quite)and just want to say I love checking here and finding posts! It has almost been funner when you don’t post every day because there is the suspense of “did she post?” and the pleasant delayed gratification when you do! For what its worth, I love the owl baby bedding.

  2. These pics are adorable, love the one of you on your computer. AND Paige thank you SO much for your email, your sweet words mean so much. Really, I had a huge smile while reading it. Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday. xx veronika

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