27 weeks


27 weeks and feeling like a heifer.  (a happy heifer, nonetheless.)

so how was your long weekend??  we had a great one!  bought a thing or two for the nursery, started painting, discussed shower details, worked on our invitations, prepared for our upcoming garage sale, saw kung fu panda 2 (in 3d), and…i got to hold, coo at, feed and burp my friend stephanie’s adorable, brand new baby girl. 

it was quite a tease – makes me wish zoey was done cooking already! 

only 3 more months to go…


tshirt, sandals – local boutique
skirt – target


17 thoughts on “27 weeks

  1. first of all, you look lovely! secondly, those earrings are rad! i can’t believe you are only 3 months away from meeting zoey!!! how exciting :)

  2. Oh my god you’re pregnant?!! I’ve been waaaaaay out of the blogging loop lately!! Congratulations look like everything is great in you life right now!!

    Yes, too bad I missed you in LA!

  3. You could be the cutest, pixieish, happiest looking pregnant girl I know. Fantastic. So I’ve been a lousy commenter since life put my cohones in a vice (saying “nips” or “uterus” instead of balls didn’t sound right, so male innuendos it is!) but your comments are always the brightest spot, and make me feel incredible. Sincerely. You’re an angel.


  4. p.s. that little town is actually where the movie was filmed! I need to rewatch it and do, like, screenshot v. photo mashups or something.

    If only Sam Shepherd were walking around looking all foxy.

  5. You look beautiful! I don’t remember being stylish when I was pregnant…and when I say I don’t remember I mean I photographic proof of exactly how un-stylish I was;)

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