oh sweet friday // vol 2

hello friends!

well here we are again – it’s friday!

my week, in photos…

*27 weeks and counting!

*baby paige.  this picture makes me smile.  i wonder if zoey will look like me?  or make silly faces like i did…

*a gift from a good good friend.

*little league end of season pizza party.  so proud of my little man.

*glucose drink – icky!  i had to slam this baby in 5 minutes and then wait an hour before they took my blood.  no fun.

on the internets and some other things…

*although i haven’t updated in awhile – i still have a vintage shop on etsy.   

*so.  funny. 

*tiny buddha never disappoints – discovering the best in people.   

*i love this girl.  she had a bday on monday and i forgot to send her bday wishes.  so today, i’m shouting it from the top of my blog lungs…happy {belated} birthday, emily!!  xoxo

*i want this and this so bad, it hurts.  hurts. 

*want to send a quick, stylish thank-you note via your phone?  there’s an app for that.  {and i love it.}

okay, that’s all folks!  enjoy your weekend!


6 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 2

  1. Your belly is so cute and tiny! Mine feels as if it’s about to pop! Hope you get lots of rest during this “home stretch” of the last trimester!

  2. wow, even baby you and your big kid son have a very very strong resemblance! i’m betting little z will fit right in!

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