florida – day two

with the bride to be - mark's sister!

day two.

the couple-to-be had planned a morning of snorkeling!

everyone got fitted for gear, we filed onto the boat, then hit the open sea.

the water was a bit choppy and the air slightly cool (due to windy conditions), but once we reached our destination the sun was blazing hot – perfect for exploring under water sea life or sunbathing on the bow.

i didn’t do any snorkeling…i’m sort of a wimp in ocean water – always concerned with what’s below me or that maybe a fish will nibble my toes.  silly, yes.

mark did though!  he saw a puffer fish and a reef shark!

it was fun – and a great way to break the ice and get to know some of the other wedding guests!

we took a picture of all the people taking pictures {of the sunset.}

after a morning of snorkeling and an afternoon of relaxing in the sun, we headed into islamorada for rehearsal/dinner. the food was amazing, the sunset was spectacular, and the cabana bar provided live entertainment.  oh…and the key lime pie – was to.die.for.

it was the perfect ending of day two of our florida vacation!

more to come…

*read about day one, here.

{ps…it’s this girl’s bday, today.  i love her.  happy day, merl!}

dress – tulle
belt – target
hat – nine west
sunnies – kenneth cole
flip flops – havianas

dress – local boutique
sandals/belt – target
watch – michael kors


8 thoughts on “florida – day two

  1. i love that yellow maxi dress! you look so gorgeous. and i am itching to go to the beach! won’t happen til the end of the year but i’m living through all the vacation pics i’m seeing over the internets. and just so you know, i hate snorkeling! freaks me out.

  2. girl, i am SO with you on ocean waters! they scare the shit out of me! ive been snorkeling a few times, but i was t e r r i f i e d the entire time! you dont know what might sneak up on you! and its so creepy quiet underwater.

    i love those strapless maxis! so bright and fun!!!

  3. This sounds like such a fun weekend! I’m so like you though! I’m terrified of the ocean and what fish might bite my toesies!

  4. My God, how lovely are you! And you took a picture of the Lorelei sign! I used to moon over that when I was a kid; she was the prettiest lady I knew. I think she even used to have green flappy scales back in the day. I consumed many a grouper finger in there :)

    What a lovely bunch of pictures. Made me homesick in a delicious way!

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