the end is near. ish.

as of saturday – 28 weeks.

third {and final} trimester. 

i sent a friend {a brand new mommy friend} a “third trimester celebratory text” and this was her response, via voicemail:

woo hoo.  but the worst thing about the beginning of the third trimester, is that it’s not the end of the third trimester.

ha!  gotta love that honesty. 

regardless of what lies ahead, one thing is sure…i cannot wait to meet this little sassafras. 

ps – is it august yet?


9 thoughts on “the end is near. ish.

  1. happy 3rd trimester! i haven’t reached out to you in a LONG time but i have been thinking of you + lurking on the blog. i gave birth 2 weeks ago and what did we name her? paige! she’s awesome. and i forgot how great baby smell is….

    good luck on this last phase. my unsolicited advice of the day — eat plenty of ice cream and keep your feet up!


  2. Seriously?
    Could that bump be any cuter?
    You make me wistful of those days…a girlfriend of mine is pregnant with her 3rd (she has 2 toddlers) and we were discussing baby stage vs. bigger kid stage and she too was making me wistful of those baby moments.
    Not wistful enough to ever debate trying it again myself…but just enough that I bought myself a bottle of Johnson’s Baby lotion instead of my usual moisturizer.
    Ahhh…that’s just the fix I needed! ;)

  3. Both close to and far from the end, some days might go to fast and other days will drag along…I hope yours will be in time…
    Mine took two more weeks of belly-hopping and I think those last two weeks I gained 10 pounds extra…People started asking me if she was a twin…yeeeek!

    Enjoy the belly-hopping ;-)


  4. you’re almost there! i’m sure you’re so excited right now. and i agree with the comment above – your hair does look absolutely dreamy here. love those long, red locks of yours!

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