oh sweet friday // vol 3

it’s that time again!

some photos…


*i can’t get enough of fruit these days…pineapple, peaches, watermelon, bananas…you name it, i’m eating it.
*more fruit!  but more importantly, my belly is now big enough to use as a table, shelf, or arm rest.  ha!
*dude, since when did doritos start using their old packaging?  i think it’s pretty cool.  (ummmmmm…i hope it’s new packaging and not just old bags that someone found in storage…)
*this boy melts my heart.  even when he’s getting hair all. over. the. house.
*rad gift from a friend!  journey and two others – i think aerosmith and maybe bob marley?  anyway, i cannot wait to make a nursery playlist.  visit rockabye baby – there are many other bands to choose from!  great gift idea for expecting parents. 

on the internets and other things…

*i look forward to reading these mommy/mommytobe blogs every day – meet ashley, april, & sarah.

*for party planning ideas, d.i.y projects, and gift suggestions – check out oh happy day.  really great ideas!

*i’ve decided to list new vintage items in the shop this weekend…shocker, i know.  btw…this vintage dress is really really lovely – i’m willing to come down a bit on the price if anyone is interested.  {i just can’t believe it hasn’t been snatched up!}

happy friday, friends!

have a wonderful weekend,

ps.  this friday thing i’m doing…do you like it?


11 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 3

  1. Stop it. Journey lullabies? I seriously have been trying to find good lullaby music that I could stand to listen to on repeat too. Iris loves to take naps in her little swing in the living room, and it’s right by our stereo. I always put on soft music, but it’s not quite as soothing as a lullaby rhythm. Good find. :)

  2. That must be some awesome lullabies!
    Love the belly-photo, so recognisable…and yeah keep doing the Friday-thing , I`m lovin` it!


  3. One of the kids we babysit has the U2 CD and it’s awesome. It’s the only one he has, though. I’m thinking about getting him another band for his birthday, cause it’s a little much to hear over and over through the baby monitor.

  4. Thanks for the blog love, beautiful! Love how you’re using the belly as a table…as much as pregnancy can be a pain, at least it comes with some perks!

    And yay you you eating all that fruit! No wonder you look sooo tiny!

  5. The photo of the bowl of fruit on your belly made me smile. And, yes, I am always a fan of link lists like this. It keeps me from being trapped in my little bubble of the blogosphere.

  6. Rockabye baby might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Loved the kicking video… so sweet. I’m just… I’m so excited for you!!! Echo Rebecca’s sentiments about the bowl on tummy photo; you’re a peach.


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