up close and personal


29 weeks.

*baby z is said to be about 2.5 lbs and a bit over 15 inches long.

*she is extremely active and especially likes to play the drums on my bladder.  (the proof is right here, people!)

*speaking of music – i notice that she digs it most when i play fleetwood mac, kings of leon, and this song by the tings tings.

*my blood sugar test came back normal…which means no more glucose drink tests!  (but more importantly, it means i don’t have gestational diabetes.)

*i swear, i pee over 482,793 times a day.

*apparently, she can hear really really well now.  so, uh…i better watch the f-bombs.  ;)

have a nice week, friends!

ps – i see that i have a few new readers….hi, hello!  welcome.  :)



17 thoughts on “up close and personal

  1. LOVE!!! Love it all. kinda shocked by the video, I’m a baby belly virgin, I’ve never actually seen one up close and personal lol. I love your pictures, they are amazing.

  2. LOVE the video! That child is going to keep you busy! And YAY for passing the test – I passed mine too thank goodness, I can’t stand having blood drawn!

  3. baby z already has fabulous musical taste!!! :) these pictures will melt your heart! they should be framed :) you look absolutely gorgeous, by the way xoxo

  4. looking so beautiful. loved the video of your belly looking like a jelly jiggler! ha ha! that is so amazing it!? what a wonderful thing it is to have a baby!

  5. OF COURSE she loves fleetwood mac! man i just love her already :) and yes, that pic of you and taylor is probs the sweetest thing i’ve seen all day long. that’s pretty special. and your belly is looking so round and beautiful! i wish i could give it a rub (sorry if that sounds a bit creepy).

  6. Oh you are too cute! And you are having a girl! Until you left the comment on my latest post I had NO idea you were pregnant! And I thought I had been keeping rather regular track of you (but apparently I am a bigger blog slacker than I think!).

    But I may not be able to read your blog for the next few weeks. It’s because I’m a bad person and get jealous when other pregnant women have tons of clothes to wear and I will be wearing the same four dresses for the next four weeks (I just can’t bear or afford to buy anything else at this point!). But yes…I’m mostly joking. I will visit and then go cry. Okay…not really…actually, I might, I’m pregnant and crazy. But YOU are adorable and far enough behind me that you can be excused because you probably still fit into some of your pre-pregnancy clothes whereas I have entered a mind boggling stage of huge.


    oh, that was almost a rant. But yes…you are fricken adorable. And the pic with your son is TOO sweet!

  7. Man, BB is looking GOOD! And so are you, hot mama! I can’t wait see little Z out and kicking (tho I’m sure you are about 100 times more eager than the rest of us, if for no other reason than the wish to get a pee break). :) Hugs to that pretty preggers belly…again, in a non-weird way.

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