on baby bedding – part 2

a few weeks ago, i spoke of baby bedding and the dilemmas we faced in choosing something lovely, yet inexpensive.  (woe is me if these are my struggles in life, eh?) 

well…we got lucky, friends…mark’s mom is going to make baby z’s bedding!  out of this darling fabric…

i am so flippin’ excited!  she’s making a comforter, fitted crib sheets, the crib skirt, and a few fitted cradle sheets too!  of course, not everything will be in the same print.  we decided on a white skirt, but i am not sure what color the fitted bed sheets will be – either white or a color pulled from the print.  obviously the comforter will be made from the fabric. 

*also, we decided against a bumper.

here are a couple more photos…


(photos via carousel designs)

there’s still much more to do…paint, window treatments, decorating…

we will be purchasing the nursery furniture soon!  i’ll be sure to share.

happy tuesday!



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