florida – day three

day three.

wedding day!

and what a wonderful day/evening indeed…

i started the day off with a relaxing maternity massage and ended the day by celebrating one of the happiest, most adorable couples i know.  the bride looked absolutely stunning, the venue was gorgeous, the ceremony was lovely, the food was divine, and a fabulous time was had by all! 

oh…and mark officiated the ceremony!  it was really sweet to see him “marry” his sister.  (that sounds wrong, but you know what i mean.)

two more days to share…stay tuned!

(day one, day two

ps – the belly photo was taken at 21 weeks. 


10 thoughts on “florida – day three

  1. You look better in a bikini pregnant than I would look not pregnant.
    Pretty unfair, but since you are in such a fragile state we will give you your moment. ;)

    The pictures are wonderful and how cool that Mark officiated!!!
    Did he become ordained just for this purpose?
    And BTW, how are your wedding plans going?

  2. For a second I thought that belly shot was taken this week…I was about to send you a little hate mail. (Just teasing!) You look adorable and it looks like your trip was a blast!

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