oh sweet friday // vol 4

stumbled upon this cute little coffee shop. they sell bowls of cereal! genius.

taylor won this jar of dum dums – he guessed 111, there were 115!

my little man “graduated” from 5th grade this week… *sigh*

stuff like this makes me smile…and forget about the a$$hole who just cut me off. 

on the internets and other things…

*this post made me laugh so hard, i cried.

*hey all you crafty, handmade-loving, discount searching peeps – have you heard of heartsy?  if not, check it out!

*one of my faves, this tune always puts me in a feel good mood.  so much passion in that voice of his!

*i could eat this simple, yet light and healthy dish every day…yum!

*typically, i don’t consider myself a DIY’er; however, i am definitely making this (or this) my next {first!} project.

*as you may recall, based on this post, i am a lover of zombie movies.  zombies both terrify and fascinate me at the same time.  that being said, when i heard about this app for iphone (and android) – i just couldn’t resist!  my 10-year-old son thinks it’s hysterical, too.

*a message to you, from tiny buddha.  {a daily reminder of how amazing you are.}

*i joined a new site!  vote for barefoot & vintage at top mommy blogs…please!  and thank you.  :)

today, i am enjoying a day off!  i slept in, had a yummy breakfast, now i’m sipping a cup of joe and lounging on the couch.

have a lovely weekend, friends!

enjoy your day,


10 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 4

  1. I love these posts. It’s nice to know what you’re thinking/reading/eating/etc haha. Even if we can’t see eachother! Hope you’re doing good pretty lady! miss ya. and yes we need to catch up one of these days.

    • hi april! i know, it’s a little confusing…
      i think if you click the link on my blog and then search for me under ‘barefoot & vintage’ (on the top mommy site) – it counts your vote because you came from my site.
      does that make sense?
      it’s a little vague to me, to be honest.
      personally, i think the site should provide a personal link when you sign up, but…what do i know?
      i’m claiming pregnancy brain, as well. ;)

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