30 weeks

we had a really relaxing, but productive weekend!
*mark painted the baby’s room
*we bought her furniture {thanks mom!}
*spent a lot of time on the couch, watching movies
*treated myself to a pedicure
*took the father-to-be to breakfast
*finally, finally finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo.  {i must admit, i was a little disappointed.  so much hype, but i wasn’t all that impressed.  did you read the book or the series?  what did you think?}

how was your weekend?

i have to say…i cannot believe how fast june is flying by!  it’s crazy to think that i’ll be holding our little miss in my arms in nearly 2 months!

cheers to a great week,

i’m wearing:
denim – william rast for target
maxi dress, sandals – local boutique
watch – michael kors via nordstrom
friendship bracelets – made by my son, urban outfitters


14 thoughts on “30 weeks

  1. You look GREAT! The next 2 months will fly by fast! And how awesome is it that your son made your friendship bracelets?!! He should start selling them…

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend Paige! And wow, two more months …that’s amazing, time really does fly!! And loving that pretty maxi dress paired with the denim shirt -lovely. As for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Haven’t read the book but watched & loved the series. Hope your week ahead is a fantastic one. xx veronika

  3. This is such a cute look. I love maxi dresses on pregnant bellies!

    I read the series before the huge, huge Hollywood hype. I liked them and they kept me interested. They were kind of a quick summer read that was easy to get into for me.

  4. can’t believe that baby is getting so big! she’ll be here so soon! gosh and you just keep getting prettier. those maxi dresses are too perfect on you.

  5. Sounds like you are pampering yourself! I love how you have knotted your shirt over the baby bump. Time to develop a line of knotted maternity tops!

    • Yes, Terri…I agree. Maternity clothing is either super unflattering/cheap or super flattering and WAY TOO pricey! I’d love to come up with a cute, but affordable, fashion-forward maternity line. hmmmm….wheels are turning…

  6. Paige! I had forgotten about ur blog! I will be cking it again now! I didn’t realize you were doing it again! Now I can see some pics of stuff…Why didn’t you tell me to ck it out?

  7. AH! Finally! I read the girl with the dragon tattoo because it got recommended so often from everyone & everything. Then I hated it. It started so slow but I refused to to give up on it because amazing things were sure to come, right? It did get better but never really great. The end just seemed so anticlimactic too. It wasn’t the worst book that I read but I was just so disappointed after all the rave reviews.

  8. Yay for Top Mommy Blogs because I found yours! I adore this look. It makes me want to be preggo again so I can wear it. Well, maybe not just yet, but it is now filed in the mental rolodex. Nice to blog meet you!

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