moving right along

31 weeks. 

8 weeks left! 

*baby – now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (okay, maybe more like peach fuzz).  most of her senses are finely tuned, but her lungs are still forming. 

*nursery – the walls have been painted and the crib and changing table have been assembled. 

*mommy – is feeling pretty good!  {but she can’t button her vest and she gets really cranky when she can’t sleep at night.} 
ps. once upon a time, i could button that vest!

*daddy – has been patient with mommy.

so yeah…moving right along!

maternity tshirt (so comfy!)
vest – h&m
maxi skirt – miskabelle vintage on etsy
jewelry – nordstrom, rose bowl flea market 


16 thoughts on “moving right along

  1. Hee, that last photo might be the cutest thing ever. :)

    I have really been loving your maternity style, you always look so classic. I especially love the addition of menswear touches like this vest and that awesome watch at a time when your appearance is so emphatically feminine – lovely!

  2. crap, i don’t think you can get any more adorable! you are getting so close! can’t believe how fast it’s gone by (i can say that because i’m not the pregnant one). but still I’M READY TO SEE PICTURES OF HER SWEET FACE!!!!!!!

  3. so pretty paige!!! i’m telling ya, you are one stylish mother-to-be! i’m happy to hear that you are feeling well and things are moving along smoothly! sounds like you guys have been quite busy…helps to pass the time and get that little lady here! :)

  4. I love your watch!! And I noticed your jewelry is from the Rose Bowl Flea Market! I haven’t been there in years, but I remember having so much fun there! Totally brought back memories! You look gorgeous!!

  5. ooh wow, 8 more weeks …that’s amazing!! And I’ve got to say Paige you have managed to look SO stylish through out your pregnancy, fingers crossed I’ll be able to do the same. Hope your week is filled with great sleeps. ;-) xx veronika

  6. dragging and dropping to “when pregnant” file. You look so adorable! Post with baby face almost killed me… can’t wait to virtually meet this little minx!



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