gilty (but not really)

remember when i told you that i’ve been wanting this?  (well, this or the owls.)

yeah, so…guess what?

i bought it!  for a great price, no less!

i about fell out of my chair when i signed into gilt and saw that petite collage was offering awesome discounts on kids decor…     

what luck!  it was meant to be, i suppose.  *wink wink*

{now if only i could hop into a time machine and have this baby already!!}


4 thoughts on “gilty (but not really)

  1. Oh, Paige! I love it!!!!!

    P.S. I talked to that SAME STUPID nurse again today. I told her that I WAS coming in to see a doctor. And guess what? I took Iris in and her eye infection had spread into her EAR. So now she has an ear and eye infection, and it probably could have been contained if it weren’t for that BIG MEANIE NURSE not letting me bring her in.

    From now on, I no longer follow the system. I will only schedule appointments with the docs directly.

  2. ohhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the owl one (both actually) but really now, who pays 60$ for a wood mobile? lots of people? oh ok… guess I’m just cheap!
    ok Paigie, I commented on your last post then i wasnt signed into wordpress and i lost it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO you’re adorable and stuff… i forget what i wrote.

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