things people say.

33.5 weeks. photo taken by taylor.

at the four seasons.  right before {what’s supposed to be} a very relaxing maternity massage…
masseuse:  “are you carrying two?”

at lunch with the mister…
not one, but two old ladies:  “are you sure it’s a girl?  girls don’t usually sit that high.”
*what is with people?  i constantly get questioned on what i’m carrying.  it’s a GIRL, okay??

at starbucks…
me:  hi…i’ll have a tall, iced, soy chai.
20-something barista:  *squints and makes an ooooo face* there’s a lot caffeine in our chai.
me:  *i stare at him, unable to put words together.  totally caught off guard that this 20-something has the nerve to question my order, as he so obviously implies that a pregnant woman shouldn’t order chai* okaaaaaaay.  i’ll have a green tea…?  (i ask as a question because i’m starting to feel guilty, but i’m also sort of mad at myself for not freaking ordering what i want!)
20-something barista:  *with that face again!* actually, green tea has just as much caffeine in it.
me:  *sighing* well, what do you recommend then??
20-something barista: *smugly* the passion fruit tea.  would you like it sweetened?


but yes, please sweeten it.  my thighs aren’t quite as smooshy as i’d like them to be. 

happy “i should’ve ordered that chai” thursday, 


20 thoughts on “things people say.

  1. I will never, ever miss that part of being pregnant. People have no idea. And sometimes, it’s women who have been pregnant before that are the worst.

  2. ohhhh paige, can i come visit so i can tell you what to drink? I mean i’m 20 something and have no babies or nieces or nephews but I like to call myself an expert.
    I’m coming to visit you this summer. just so u know.

    p.s. email me your address puhlease!

  3. are you for serious?! what fucking jerks, all of them! you DO NOT look like youre carrying two, and baby Z is definitely going to be the prettiest baby ~girl~ evah. go get yourself a chai and enjoy every sip, lady love!

  4. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant, and thankfully {knock on wood} I rarely get such rude comments as the ones you’ve experienced. At least not from strangers. Family on the other hand… well, they’re not always kind. Like my sister, for example, who, when I sent her a picture of a nasty toe injury, replied that she had expected to see a picture of fat, bloated, cankles instead. I have had one or two people not believe that I’m having a girl though, because apparently I’m not gaining weight in the right places? I’ve also had people give me strange looks while at a concert or while accompanying my husband and his friends to a bar (where food was consumed). Like just because I’m pregnant means I can’t go out and socialize? It’s unbelievable how judgey some people can be.

  5. i’m only 13 weeks now, but I’m going to store your moments with the think-less people and come up with some witty retorts for when they are sure to happen to me…something like, well, caffeine is better than a couple of shots of tequila, right??? Obvisouly 20 year old barista had never had babies, or she/he would have known that we preggy chicas CAN have a bit of caffeine every once in a while…heck we can even have a cup’o’jo every day if we want (at least, that’s what my OBGYN friend and mu midwife tells me :)

    Sorry you had to endure their comments…you are a much better person than I could be, because i know I won’t be able to bite my tongue…what can I say, I’ve always had some sass in me!!

  6. i got shit like that when i was pregnant. ‘you’re 5 months?? wow, you’re so small. is everything ok?’ are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!! people are ridiculous sometimes. you are gorgeous!

  7. That is so annoying! People are the same everywhere on the world…

    My favourite: “You no you have to pay for that watermelon you have in your shirt”!

    And then taking the train with 36 weeks and not one single person standing up for you…rudeness comes with pregnancy somehow…

    Have a good weekend paige and drink some chai :-)

  8. Yes. The most annoying part of pregnancy. Here are my responses.

    1. Why do people always assume that pregnant women are stick figures with basketballs stuck under their shirts? Pregnancy makes you HUGE, all over, and that’s what’s so beautiful about it–YOUR BODY CAN DO THAT!

    2. No. These ladies are wrong. All of my nurse friends say that girls always sit higher, boys always sit lower. I carried SO, SO high and EVERYONE was guessing Iris was a girl. And she was, obviously.

    3. CAFFEINE IS OKAY DURING PREGNANCY. Girl, if chai sounds good, get a chai. My doctor said I could have 2 cups of coffee a day if I wanted. It’s just like normal life: consider moderation and don’t make a habit of it. But dang it, you’re pregnant–and the pregnant lady GETS WHAT SHE WANTS!

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  10. I’m gonna be such a violent pregos if this sh*t gets said to me. And if I would’ve been with you, and I barely know you, I would’ve punched these people in the throat. Seriously.

    None. Of. Their. Business.

    I love your belly & you rock. Period.

  11. People are such turds. You should have the chai! I am guessing you cut out booze and the chain smoking, a chai tea on the daily is not going to do damage to your little one! People just love to offer up their opinions.

  12. OMG! This post is amazing! I’m 23 weeks:) You look amazing by the way…it gives me hope. Good luck to you and your little family in the coming weeks, and yes, enjoy the boredom now!!! I’m already bored…although decorating the nursery is fun:)

  13. damn barista sound likes a total douche and you should of taken the tea, smiled sweetly and than accidently spilled it all over him. Not nice I know, but kinda deserved!

    You look so lovely though – that should make you smile!

  14. The one setback of the super-healthy-super-proactive pregnancy awareness we are all so lucky to have now is that anyone and everyone thinks they’re your mother or your obgyn… I used to work in a coffee shop and when a preggy lady would get an espresso drink, a chai, a GREEN TEA (which is full of good anti-oxidants) I would serve it happily and say to myself “You gotta do what you gotta do!” Next time you go to that coffee shop order the chai, ask to ‘make sure it has caffeine in it,’ say “Oh, good!” and order the next size up. :)

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