oh sweet friday // vol 7

*haha!  want.

*$10 a month for goodies?!  dope.  i may have to sign up.  {or you sign up first and let me know what you think.} 

*dropping a bomb on someone isn’t always a bad thing.  nope.  not if you’re dropping a love bomb.   

*51 things that will make you smile. 

*these people just became my new favorites.  i wanna be a rock star now, too. 

*sage advice from ron swanson (of parks and rec)

have a very lovely weekend, friends.

btw… i had a soy chai yesterday.


5 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 7

  1. yum, soy chai is the best!

    And I just checked out birchbox, i’m so tempted to try it…so close.

    hope you and the fam are doing well!!

  2. Girl, you totally deserved that tea…heck, you should have bought 3! Preggers are allowed at least 1 drink w/ caffeine a day.

    Please don’t get the billy buckteeth for your beautiful little daugther…or if you do, don’t use it in public. (I always feel sooo bad when I see the infants with these goofy pacifiers! They can’t even defend themselves!) But, she’s your daughter, do as you wish. (Did you pick up on my sarcasm at all here?)

    xoxo April

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