taylor took this AND chose the filter. brilliant.

about 5 weeks left!!

3 weeks before i go on maternity leave.

i count everything by weeks, now. 

…and even though i’m so busy {with stuff} these days, i’ve found myself to be very bored.  everything is boring – reading a book, watching tv or a movie, surfing the ‘net, taking a walk, eating, sleeping, the day-to-day, work…  boring boring boring!  i guess with the anticipation of having a baby {when will she get here?  will she have hair?  will it be red?  what is she going to look like?  will she be fussy or easy-going?}  all other aspects of life pale in comparison.  which isn’t to say that i’m unhappy with my life…not at all!  i’m just…antsy. 

maybe because i know life is about to get a gazillion times more interesting? 

{my foot is so far in my mouth right now, i’m choking.}

once she’s here, i’m most certain i’ll be begging for boredom – quiet moments to myself.  relaxing evenings in front of the tv.  leisurely saturday mornings.  date nights with the mister…riiiiiight.  like my dad said – i probably won’t get a full night’s sleep until december.  2032.   

oh, guess what?  i’ve been having braxton hicks today!  {i think.  or it’s gas.  but i don’t think so.  i’ve never been gassy for more than an hour two.  certainly not all day.  overshare.}  no, i’m sure it’s bh – which is exciting! 

aaaaaaaand my shower is on sunday.  i can’t wait!

happy hump day.  {which is what got me here in the first place.  tee hee.}


9 thoughts on “34.5

  1. you are too effin cute. can’t believe how fast this flew by!!!! seems like just yesterday you told us the exciting news. can’t wait to meet that bun in ur oven.

  2. that outfit is so cute – the belt really makes it! it seems like pregnant gals don’t ever wear belts?

    everything DOES seem boring. it’s the midsummer doldrums, i think.

  3. Happy hiccups! And you’re right these days of boredom will pass all too soon. Next thing you know, you’ll have to lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes of peace. You’re looking lovely.

  4. Paige, you are looking fabulous! I love how you’ve styled up this gorgeous maxi, I’ll have to borrow this lovely cardy & skinny belt idea, so pretty. And, eeee, can’t believe how time fly’s. Hope your evening is a lovely one. xx veronika

  5. haha! piage, you totally made me giggle when i read your closing line…gotta love hump day! ;)
    you are looking ever so lovely as always! i know the humdrum of everyday has to be getting old waiting for that precious baby girl’s arrival! i hope she’s a ginger!!!

  6. Haha, I can’t blame you for feeling antsy – I would be going crazy with anticipation! It seems pretty natural that waiting for little miss Z pretty much trumps everything else. :)

  7. Paige, your posts always put a smile on my face! And I was laughing at the contractions part…I had the same thoughts about gas too…why are we in denial?! Big high-five for the photographer! Hang in there, sister! And please try to stock up on that alone time!!

    btw…how long will your maternity leave be?

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