oh sweet friday // vol 8

o happy the girl who has…
an incredible family,
amazing friends,
is taking a half day today,
is off on monday,
and is super pumped to party it up in celebration of baby zoey this weekend {with some of her most fave peeps.}
 but most importantly – who feels so loved.

happy friday! 

ps.  virgin shirt is vintage and was purchased from this girl, from her awesome etsy shop.  thanks lisa!  best. t-shirt. EVA.
pps.  hand soap was a gift.  can be found for purchase here.


11 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 8

  1. oh my god I love this more than words. that virgin t-shirt with your huge belly may be my favorite picture ever.
    have a great weekend my dear and enjoy the baby shower!!!!

  2. that shirt is is the best thing ever! i actually just bought a madonna shirt that has her face on it and like a virgin on the bottom. non vintage. yours is waaaaaaaayyyyyy cooler. and i hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. yayayayay! seriously – you + that shirt = the best thing EVER. i love it!!!! :D do you mind if i post it in a “how she wore it” section i’m planning to add to my blog? b/c this is by far, the best how she wore it of all time! xoxo

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