excuse me, miss…

…you can come out now!

mommy and daddy {and a handful of other great people} can’t wait to meet you. 

{35 weeks.  4 weeks and 3 days to go.}


10 thoughts on “excuse me, miss…

  1. being that I haven’t had a baby yet, I have never seen the detail of these ultrasounds! But OMG – you can totally see her beautiful face! How exciting Paige!!!

  2. You had another US! Lucky lady!! (My doc only sent me for one…) May these next few weeks fly by for you and the fam. You are sooo going to love having a daughter (and then you won’t be out numbered by the boys!)

    Have a super relaxing weekend!

  3. Hey Girl! I loved that you recognized the streets in the hood over on my blog! So fun when people actually know what city I’m in! Just read a bunch of your posts…love it. Congrats to you and your new bundle of joy! xo

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