what i’m {not} wearing

oh hi.

just wanted to share a mid-week belly shot.

{36.5 weeks.}

fat girl in a little tank

ps.  i have totally given up on trying to dress cute and creatively {cue super adorbs mommytobe who hasn’t}.  i only have about 3 weeks left until my due date, so buying new maternity clothing seems a bit ridiculous;  however, i no longer fit into my pre-preg clothing.  {i lie.  i do fit rather nicely into 3 maxi dresses, a maxi skirt, one or two tees and a couple of pairs of sweat pants.}  otherwise, maternity is it. 

let me tell you…i cannot wait to shop for and wear regular clothing.  i was in nordstrom the other day and wanted to cry over all the long skirts and maxi dresses…that don’t fit me.  i am seriously sad that i can’t participate in a trend that i embraced over and over last year…remember?  you don’t?  well let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we…

here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here – lots of stimulating reading, as well.

mad love for the maxi skirt.

what about you…have you embraced this supertrend?


10 thoughts on “what i’m {not} wearing

  1. First of all, I TOTALLY love this photo! (Your facial expression made me laugh…which I/we should be doing these days if we want to keep our undies dry.) Your belly looks sooo perfectly round!

    Second – Thanks for the shout out!

    Lastly – I REALLY need to make a bag of popcorn and check out your archives! (Why have I not done this yet?!!) Love your style!

  2. ugh….i didn’t even want to LOOK at maxi dresses/skirts when i was at your point. i just wanted someone to roll me up in a bed sheet, pin it and push me out the door. i just couldn’t make the effort anymore….

    while i LOVE the trend, i am having a hard time fully embracing it. this 2nd baby killed my tummy. killed it. i need spanx from my chin down to my knees.


  3. Oh my gooosh! You’re looking so cute!! It looks like she’s ready to come say hello :) Hope you’re feeling good!

    ps How close are you to LA? Now that I’m out here I would love to see you in real actual life!! Pre-baby I come bearing cocoa butter, post-baby it will definitely be wine :)


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