one woman’s trash…

i miss shopping for vintage.  it seems like so long ago that i would obsessively think about and plan my next thrift store excursion or visit to the flea market.  when that saturday or sunday would finally roll around, i felt a surge of excitement that was not unlike the feelings a teenage girl may have when slipping into her first prom dress, the thought of dancing dangerously close to her overly cologned date or getting an awkward first kiss later that night.

yep, i was that smitten with my new hobby.  to the point of practically jumping out of the car before it had parked or flashing the stink eye at anyone who was in my way.  my adrenaline pumped so hard, i often wanted to run to the front door of many a thrift store, elbow other thrifty patrons/vintage loving ladies out of my way and ultimately…find some dope-ass pieces of vintage clothing and wares.

it wasn’t long before i was bringing home bags full of dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, and scarves. all with the familiar smell of must, moth balls, and grandma.  it piled up rather quickly, so i got to work – styling, photographing, measuring, describing, listing on etsy, and selling.  the need to hunt and find became more and more intense, so the process was repeated over and over.  weekend after weekend.

at some point though, my hobby started to feel like a chore.  and soon enough…i started to burn out. other things began to fill my plate and there just weren’t enough hours in the day.  i threw in the towel and made a {semi}firm decision that i wasn’t going to, nor could i, put as much time and effort into my hobby. and if i’m really honest with you – i just didn’t have the money to put into it anymore.  {you know it’s getting rough when thrifting is making an unecessary dent in the checkbook.  hmmmm…let’s see…groceries or grandpa cardigans?  gas in the car or vintage turbans?  buy toothpaste or…not one, but two vintage coach purses at a garage sale for less than $10?  are you kidding?!  i bought the bags!  that was a trick question.}

several months later {after shut down}, i sorted through a few remaining piles of leftover vintage.  some items were re-listed {and are still for sale!}, but most were cycled right back into thrift store hell. however, there were a handful of items that i just couldn’t bear to part with.  i threw them in a box and thought i’d ask a {vintage loving} friend if she’d like them for herself.

when she came to visit a couple of weeks ago, i brought out said box…she took one or two items, but encouraged me to keep the rest. why?  “because one day, you might want to pull this box out of the attic rafters, blow the dust off the top, and share your finds with your daughter.”  she said.

i’ve thought about this a lot since my dear friend left…what a brilliant idea!  why hadn’t i thought of it?  i am so freaking excited to share something that has meant so much to me…with my little girl!  how fun to pull out this box and let her play dress up.  or maybe she’ll come across these items when she’s in high school and die over the fabrics and styles.  yes, yes yes…i will keep this box of old clothing…a treasure it will be.  {some moms share recipes, others share jewelry.  i will share clothing.  to each her own.}

{of course, these thoughts also bring out the fierce thrifter in me…making me want to get back out there and elbow some old biddies to the ground – to thrift shop for dainty dresses from the 50’s, bells from the 70’s and shoulder-padded blazers from the 80’s.  oh yes…i will throw down for bell bottoms.}

so.  after the little one is born, taylor is back in school, and daddy is working all day – little zoey and i may have to venture out and create a few thrift adventures of our own, as it just might have a different, more important meaning for me this time around.

it’s my last week of work until january 2012, so give me woot woot and a happy monday to all!

ps.  i am 37 weeks and 2 days – 3 weeks left!

vintage dress – gift from this girl
belt – thrifted
hat – nine west via tj maxx


16 thoughts on “one woman’s trash…

  1. that is a really good idea! my mom had kept a lot of her old clothes from the 70s and when i was a kid i loved trying on her crazy old bridesmaids dresses and hippie sandals. and of course by the time i got to high school i was wearing them for reals.

    and in the meantime you can raid the collection…

  2. Awww Paige, its nice to see your perdy face. which is abso-freakin-lutely glowing. you look amazing. Also… why did i I have it in my head that you were giving birth in December? I was doing the math this weekend and realized that if you were 30something weeks in… there was NO way you were popping out a baby in December.
    anyway i love this story… and when u said about christina’s idea i thought oh no… trouble!!
    haha enjoy! i think if im to offer any advice on this, keep the really truly one of a kind beautiful vintage stuff that’s at least 40 years old (if not more) and forget about the rest. unless it’s for you then hoard away! kidding… tho not really. i have 2 bins of etsy stuff to go in the shop… its been in bins probably for 6 months :| so i know the story, ive been and still am there. oh us crazy junk store ladies.

  3. Paige, I’m do in love with your dress, gorgeous!!! And yr bump is so lovely…. Yr almost there before you know it zoey will be in yr arms!! Can’t wait to see her!!

  4. Oh man, I so strongly identify with this post – both with craving that thrift store adrenaline rush, and with reimagining your love for vintage as a way to bond with your daughter. I grew up thrifting and yard-saling at my mom’s side, and we still go out ‘huntin’ every time I come home to visit. We have the best time laughing at the weirder things we find, and somehow we end up shopping for each other as much as ourselves – I find myself snagging her the perfect pair of purple jeans while she’s racking up vintage Catherine Holm cookware for my next apartment. :)

    And I love this seventies boho-mama look on you, that dress really sets off your gorgeous coloring and the hat is preposterously cute. So glad you got to spend some time with Christina – I miss her blog like I’d miss a real-life friend!

  5. Oh how did I know that the link would be to lovely Christina’s blog!!haha. I’m glad she brought that up because it’s so so true! And you my lady are looking amazing. that dress and the way you’ve styled it is gorgeous. It’s nice to think that not only will little zoey have the clothing to play with but she’ll have all of these beautiful archives of photographs of her mommy pre-baby to sort through.

    Happy last week of work!! I have to say I’m a little jealous…


  6. i have saved a few of my favorites for my daughter (and i have also saved some of her favorites for when she grows up and has kids). this dress is gorgeous and you look positively beautiful in it!

  7. You are radiant! I love your dress, the print is perfect and you couldn’t have found a cuter topper for this look. I loved your idea of passing specific pieces on to your daughter, I have a few of my Mom’s clothes from when she was my age and they are among my most cherish pieces. Your daughter is going to be one luck little lady! Happy last week of work and be well!

  8. aw I feel ya on getting burnt out on buying for your etsy store, i’m experiencing that right now too.But it’s great that you’ll be saving some of your clothes for your little girl, she’ll be so excited when she’s old enough to care about fashion :)

  9. Looking gorgeous Paige! I love, love that dress the pattern is adorable + the crochet neckline is such a pretty detail. And I love your thrifting tales, how wonderful to be able to share it with your daughter. xo veronika

  10. you look absolutely radiant!! that dress is so cool with the floral pattern and crochet neck!
    it makes me smile so big to think about you playing “dress up” and passing along your love for vintage to little zoey! such a sweet image :)
    i hope the coming weeks are restful as you prepare for you baby girl! xoxo

  11. as much as i love this dress and how you look in it, the thing i love most about this post is that i heard you say these words. it was like you were in my living room talking to me about how excited you are to share your love of vintage and thrifting with your baby girl :) i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Adorable story…you better write a book when you’re on maternity leave!!! Besides for bonding with little Z, think about how easy it will be to take her shopping (in the beginning anyway!) to the flea markets and thrift stores. She will sooo love that you have saved pieces for her…I really wish mine had.

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