giveaway – littyle accents

hello friends!

i’m super excited to announce my very first giveaway – to littyle accents!

*littyle accents is an online shop that offers trendy accessories for babies, toddlers, and littyle kids!

as you may know, being a mommy {while very rewarding} is also very time-consuming…often resulting in limited to no time for much else…let alone shopping!

cue allison weitzman – the brains behind littyle accents (founded in 2010.)
after chatting with other mothers, and taking her own experiences into consideration – she realized that there weren’t many websites that offered fantastic accessories for children, all in one place!
countless hours of research later, allison began to fill her site with affordable, quality items. 

here are just a few!

hats, sunglasses, leg warmers/socks, hair accessories, gift sets…and more!

whether you’re a mommy, aunt, grandmother, or need to buy a gift – this is a pretty great offer…

*only one lucky winner will receive a $10 store credit!
*all readers will receive 10% off with coupon code BAREFOOT!
{on orders of $25 and up.}

{unfortunately, the winner of the credit cannot combine both offers.}

to enter:  leave a comment with your name and email address.
giveaway ends 8/17/11, 12 pm pst.
winner will be announced {and contacted} on 8/18/11.

thank you for entering!

ps.  feedback is much appreciated!  allison would love to hear suggestions.  and if you’re a blogger who’s interested in offering a similar giveaway, contact her at:
pps.  if you like littyle accents, like them on facebook!


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