why i love him.

preface:  so, i got my bangs cut a couple of weeks ago.  i usually have bangs, but they had grown out quite a bit.  typically,  i really dig myself with bangs; however, sometimes they’re just a pain in the butt.  for example – come tuesday afternoon, they were a bit greasy looking and weren’t laying right.  while running errands with mark that evening, i was super self-conscious about them.  to the point of mentioning it to him several times and looking at them in every mirror or window that we passed.  (get over myself, right?  right.)

as we were coming out of one store, we stopped in the middle of the walkway to discuss where we were going next.  mark was rambling on about something, but i wasn’t listening.  i was thinking.  and instead of keeping my thoughts to myself i interrupted him and said,

“you need a tan.”

{and i laugh out loud as i write this, because the poor guy is used to me being an ass like this sometimes.  my outbursts have nothing to do with disrespect or being bitchy to the man i love.  i do indeed love him so so much.  but sometimes, my mouth has a mind of its own.}

anyway, he stops talking and just stares at me.  blinks a couple of times.  and {deadpan} says,

you need to do something about those eff’d up bangs.”

{and this is why i love him.}

and also because he – rubs my feet, makes fabulous breakfasts, cooks a mean pulled pork, washes my car, tells me he loves me, loves my son (so much), gives the best hugs, makes me laugh really hard, let’s me watch really stupid reality tv shows, gets catty with me (ocassionally), gives really good advice, understands when i need a good cry, sleeps on the very edge of the bed because my belly takes up so much space, allows me to be irrational at times, calms me down if i’m worked up about something/someone, makes me want to be a better person, comes from a really great family, teaches me new things, laughs at my jokes, can fix anything (he’s very handy!), and because i can always be myself around him – no matter how flawed or ridiculous i can be.  always.

i consider myself a very lucky girl.


8 thoughts on “why i love him.

  1. I feel like that would be something I would do to Matt mid-convo… except he doesn’t really need a tan but you can substitue something comparable….

    • yeah, totally. like, “did you brush your teeth this am?” or “let’s get you a facial, honey. your pores look a little clogged.”

      (i’ve used both.)

      i mean, i really sound like a horrible bitch.
      it comes from a place of love though.

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