i do!

on friday afternoon, i married the love of my life…
after a 1/2 day of work {i’m off until jan!}, we went to the ventura county courthouse, said our “i do’s”, and headed up the coast to cambria, ca.
and although we waited in line for 20 minutes, said our vows in a cubicle under flourescent lights, then waited another 15 minutes for our license…the ceremony itself was very special and meaningful – filled with love, excitement about our future together, and tears of happiness.  sure, it would’ve been nice to have our family and a few close friends by our side, but ultimately – getting married was more about the two of us – about making lifelong promises to each other and sealing a bond that is so much deeper than i could ever describe.  it’s pretty freaking magical, actually.
two years ago, i never would’ve imagined reconnecting with my high school love, getting engaged, having a baby, and tying the knot – all within a year!  we couldn’t be happier!

here are a few photos from our special day…

mr & mrs!

{our first meal as husband and wife.}

we had a fantastic, relaxing weekend!  more photos to come…

vintage dress – gift from kim {pineapple mint vintage}
belt – thrifted 


30 thoughts on “i do!

  1. Wow, congrats!

    I wish you a wonderful live with your fresh hubby and soon-to-be-two children.
    btw. that is the best wedding-dinner I ever saw….


  2. I’m over the moon for you!!!Congratulations!!I know how amazing it is to find a man that not only loves you but adores your child too. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

  3. PAIGE!!!!! a million and one congrats to you! i am so happy for you and your precious family :) you’ve had an eventful and exciting year, i’d say!
    you look absolutely stunning in your wedding photos! love love love that dress! xoxo

  4. i cried reading your comment and then i cried reading your post, ha!

    oh man, paige! you look fucking gorgeous (i love that you wore a vintage dress from kim!!!!). im so, so so incredibly happy for you and mark. although i cant believe you worked on your wedding day, hehe! i think is AWESOME it was just the two of you – thats totally why its about. not the venue, how many people are on the guest list, if you serve flipping fish or chicken, etc. i think all that craziness takes away from what it’s really about – the two of you making a commitment to each other. (can you tell i want a courthouse wedding, too?) :)

    its been so amazing to see your journey over the past year, im so happy for you!!!! much love and many happy wishes!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. oh paige! i’m so so so happy for you. you’re right. the lighting, the guest list, the venue…none of that matters. it’s your commitment to each other and the love you both share that will make a marriage. because your happiness isn’t about the wedding day, it’s about the rest of your life. you made such a beautiful bride! and kim really picked the perfect dress :)

  6. A BIG congrats you two! That is so wonderful, you’re a lovely couple and how amazing to be embarking on this fabulous new chapter together -baby & all! Sending many, many hugs and I can’t wait to see more pictures. xo veronika

  7. WOW! Congratulations! What a beautiful post. I just came across your blog and love it. Your dress is gorgeous and so romantic that your love of your love was your high school sweet heart. All the best to you both.


  8. i am so so so happy for you! you look beautiful in these pictures and i think it’s absolutely adorable that you had in’n’out burger for your wedding meal. love it! x

  9. OHHHHH! Sooo excited for you two! (Or should I say four??) You look absolutely stunning and I think In n Out burgers were the perfect dinner to celebrate! Much love xxoo!!

  10. I feel like I should say this on the blog (you know, officially) instead of just on Twitter:


    So happy for you and MP. You both look gorgeous and so happy.

    • thank you emily!!

      we are planning a trip to IL in november. i know i’ve said this before, but i NEED to meet you (and Lisa!)…one of these days. hopefully we can work something out.

      baby z is expecting a spray tan, so start practicing.


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  12. Congrats Paige! So happy for you and the family! Looks like so many wonderful things are happening for you guys! And Zoe is absolutely beautiful!!!!

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