day one…

…of our honeymoon!

one thing we decided going into our weekend was that we didn’t want to make any {definite} plans.  with a baby on the way, how often will we get to sit around in our jammies…do what we want without planning for a sitter…take a drive up the coast without packing a million things…stop for a quick coffee without unloading strollers, baby, etc…?  yeah, probs not for a long time.

the only thing we did plan was to get massages at the spa.  they were our wedding gifts to each other, i suppose – i thought mark deserved to be pampered before starting his new job and he thought i deserved a relaxing prenatal massage.

afterwards, we walked around the town of cambria, grabbed a light lunch, then headed up the coast.  we even visited the elephant seals!

day one as mr and mrs was better than expected…relaxing and easy-going.

ps – a little off topic, but the littyle accents giveaway ends tonight.  have you entered??

thanks for stopping by!

{photos taken in san simeon and cambria/accomodations – el colibri hotel & spa}


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