{“oh sweet friday” will return next week…maybe.}

i’m 39 weeks tomorrow!  zoey’s due date is next saturday – august 27th.

as of tuesday, i was 1 cm dilated.  my doctor offered to induce labor early {on thursday, aug 25th}, so we decided yes – to have her a few days before her actual due date!  unless, of course, she decides to come earlier than that…which is fine by us.

i’m nervous and apprehensive, but so excited!

i cannot believe we get to meet our baby girl so soon.  this is really happening!

in other news…i’ve been off of work and married…for a week!

what have i been up to?
*dr appts
*organizing baby stuff/room
*replying to emails
*getting taylor ready for 6th grade
*grocery/farmer’s market shopping
*visiting friends
*going for walks {i walk every morning.  with the intention of walking this babe right out of me!}
*finishing up baby shower thank you notes
*thinking, living, eating, breathing, dreaming…baby.  {eating sounds kinda weird, but you know what i mean.}

i’m just trying to stay busy…otherwise, i get bored…and irritated that she’s not here yet.
*we made friends with a couple in our labor/delivery class – their baby is due on the 28th, but she just gave birth to him on wednesday!  no fair!  i’m so happy for them, but so jealous.  hmph.

ah well…zoey must not be ready yet…and that’s okay.  i can wait a little longer…if i must…

have a lovely weekend, friends!

ps.  thank you thank you thank you for all the kind messages and comments in regards to our nuptials!


11 thoughts on “update!

  1. the walking reminded me of pulling my two older girls on a sled in a snowstorm in an effort to have a baby on Dec. 31 (tax deduction). Baby #3 arrived at 9 a.m. on Jan. 1! Each one has a rhythm all their own.

  2. If you were induced you probably have baby zoey by now. So congratulations!!! I’m so excited to see her. Hope you’re both happy and healthy!

  3. Oh! I’m SO excited! Can’t wait to see pics of your sure to be BEAUTIFUL baby! Also, I was going to put in my unwanted two cents about inductions making emerg c-sections more likely…but then I remembered this is your second baby, and apparently that is only the case with first babies (I guess because on your second your body knows what to do!). So yes, no worries then! Oh, but here’s an excellent piece of advice (and you may have to discuss it with your dr. beforehand), but try “laboring down” when it comes time to push (esp. if you get the epidural). I didn’t know about it with my first, but did it with my second…and gosh, I gotta tell you, it made a HUGE difference. So much better! But um, yes, SO EXCITED!

  4. oh my goodness, where have i been! you’re married! congratulations! and i’m wondering if this silence means that you had zooey!?!
    either way, yippee! lots of fun stuff going on. love seeing it all!

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