on being thankful

zoey is two weeks old, today!

i’ve taken so many photos since her birth…on rare occasions i capture a milk drunk, sleepy smile.  but mostly, i snap photos of her snoozing away, as she always looks so sweet and peaceful…

and let’s be honest…other than eating, pooping and sometimes staying up long enough to stare at me while i make ridiculous noises and sing made up songs about daddy changing messy diapers {whatever, she doesn’t know what i’m singing about! as long as i sing it in a high-pitched voice, it’s all good.}…all she does is sleep.

thus far, i’ve managed to get us into a routine that works well for us both.  and just when i smirk to myself that i’ve got this mommy thing down and i’m ready to have another {cuz this is cake, why not?!}…

zoey throws mommy a curve-ball.

yesterday, my little sweet pea decided that she wanted to stay up…even though it was obvious {through many yawns, eye rubs, and crying outbursts} that she really wanted to sleep.

typically, she sleeps 2-2 1/2 hours between feedings…
however, yesterday she was awake for nearly 4 hours!  she took little 15 minute cat naps here and there, but for the most part…she was up.  and when i wasn’t singing songs about poopy diaps and/or bouncing her around on my legs…she was crying.

…and crying and crying.

she was gassy.  poor thing.

by 5 pm…she was swaddled tight and had a full belly.  she finally fell into a deep sleep and slept for about 3 hours.
i hate to say it, but man was i irritated.  {fussy baby up most of the day, no shower or sleep for mommy, etc} i became that über sensitive mom who gives daddy the stink eye when he walks across the room and the floor creaks.

“are you trying to wake the baby?!  becuase she has been screaming her face off for most of the afternoon and if you wake her…”
{empty threats.  i’d probably just cry.}


i do believe that life has a way of telling us to get a grip…

this am, after feeding zoey and putting her down for a nap, i came downstairs to make myself a cup of tea and some breakfast.  i get comfy on the couch, with the thought of blogging on my mind.  but before i start brainstorming, i turn on the tube and find myself watching a show on TLC.  a paralyzed (quadriplegic) woman has just given birth, but isn’t able to hold her newborn son, feed him, change his diaper, or tend to any of his needs.  her husband is getting up with their son in the middle of the night, feeding him, changing him, etc…

here i am, frustrated that my daughter is gassy and won’t sleep…when this woman would do anything to be able to soothe her crying child!

as i sat, staring at the screen, tears streaming down my face {hello, hormones}…i realized just how lucky i am.

i get to soothe my daughter when she’s upset.  i get to hold her whenever i want to.

and as simple as that sounds, it’s pretty powerful stuff.

because what’s worse than your child crying for a few hours…is not being able to fix whatever it is that’s making her cry.

i felt very humbled while watching this woman struggle with motherhood in a way that i will never even begin to understand.

and in that moment, i realized just how lucky i am…

so bring on the tears, gas, and general fuss zoey!  mommy can handle it.  {just try to wait until daddy gets home…}


10 thoughts on “on being thankful

  1. Having a colicky baby is frustrating with or without full movement in the mother’s limbs. I know I had one that kept me walking the floor for hours. Tummy massages?

    • Hi Terri!
      Zoey doesn’t have colic. She just happened to be very gassy and overly tired. Between bits of crying she was staring at me and napping off and on for short periods of time.
      Thanks for your input! :)

  2. As frustrating as it is some days, these times are irreplaceable (as you know!)
    Today my “baby” turned 17 and somewhat bittersweetly I wish he was that little, cuddly, fussy baby just one more time so I could smother him with kisses and he wouldn’t object.

    I love these posts showcasing your gorgeous little lady!!!

  3. Aww, what a beautiful post! I loved this. And congrats on your gorgeous baby girl! So happy to hear you’re both healthy and doing well (besides a little gas! hehe)

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