virgo baby

{yes, i’m all “dressed up” with nowhere to go.  but i’ve been wearing lounge pants and milk stained nursing tanks for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  plus, zoey squirted poo at me this am, so i needed to feel pretty…and fresh.  even if i am just sitting on the couch.}


as simple as it is, i am in love with this dress.  the color, the fit, the versatility…and it’s perfect for a nursing mommy!  i wore it throughout my pregnancy and plan to wear it as long as i can.
{megan, thank you so much for sending me this dress…it quickly became a “go to” piece in my wardrobe!  you’re brilliant.}

several months ago, i found this necklace at a thrift store and couldn’t resist buying it.  although zoey’s birthdate was not set in stone at the time, i knew she’d be my little virgo baby.

i’ve always been into astrology – compatibility between signs and how our characteristics are shaped by planetary alignments/sun and moon positioning.  i find it all very interesting.  what are your thoughts on astrology?

on another thrift excursion, i purchased a book that details the astroscope profile of the aquarian.

according to this book, aquarius parents {me and mark} and their virgo children get along “just fine” and have a lot in common.  we will share a mutual love for books, music and the arts.  it says that virgo children are neat and tidy from an early age, but that they are “worriers.”  it also mentions that, like their aquarius parents, virgos are “quick on the uptake and have a strong inner urge to help others.”  furthermore, they are intelligent and interested in the world around them.

as for infant virgo:
“this child is quite an early developer”
“even before she begins to talk, the child will be noticed to listen intently to what is being said”
“these children are good mimics”
“is more inclined to sit in the background and observe”
“learns to converse and make very adult and wise comments, astonishingly early”
“has good common sense”

shit.  add the feisty nature of a ginger and we’ve got our hands full!

i mean, look at this face…she’s already giving me sass.

…but it’s so worth it.

happy monday!

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dress – gift from megan nielsen {check out her amazing collections!}
necklace, belt – thrifted


16 thoughts on “virgo baby

  1. I am so excited to see & hear about little Zoe [<– don't know how to add the accent on my keyboard :/ ] as she grows up. She is going to be a little firecracker!

  2. Awesome dress Paige! I adore that colour on you, the belt is super cute …and love, love that pendant -it caught my eye right away!! Also, love that you got dressed up with nowhere to go. I work from home, so I can totally relate. xo veronika

  3. You look lovely. I so remember those of days of having little ones and was rarely out of my flannel smocks. I’ve never thought about the pairing of a parent’s astrological sign with a child’s before.

  4. that little girl is too precious!! and you look gorgeous. i think it’s pretty cool that you’re already wearing real clothes and it’s only been a couple weeks! i think i stayed in pjs for AT LEAST 3 months. you’re amazing!

  5. hot damn! you look amazing!!!!!! motherhood suits you well, lady!
    i happen to think virgo ladies are the coolest! :) i’ve always been interested in astrology stuff too. after i read this i googled “virgo characteristics” and it was spot on! i am crazy analytical and methodical…sometimes to a fault.

    • You are too kind, my dear!! Thank you! I still have a little pooch though… :( I hope I get my flat tummy back. Anyway, loving my little Virgo! I get along pretty well with you ladies, so I’m not too worried. ;) I may have to pick your brain about stuff as she gets older… And I’m glad you’re happy about my “re opening”! We’ll see how it goes…

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. I am glad to know that you have calculated the astro aspect of the parent child relationship, but let me tell you one thing, its really tough at times, i am a Virgo with an aquarian mother,and i am not going to tell what I am going through, I would just say try to be more understanding and patient with your young baby..
    may god bless her…. :)

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