shop girl

for those of you who have been following me since dec 2009, you may roll your eyes when i tell you that i’ve decided to sell vintage…again.

i know, i know…i’ve started and stopped a couple of times, but i think that’s just how it goes in this “business.”  there were certain things happening in my life that needed my full attention…being a single/working mom, starting a new relationship.  plus, i just didn’t have extra funds/time.  it’s a lot of work!

so why start again?

because i’m a stay-at-home mom and zoey is taking longer naps {for now.}

not only that, but i have 3 bins full of clothing/shoes/accessories and i’d like to get rid of as much as possible!

sweaters, blouses, bags…

winter coats and puffy ski jackets…

…midi skirts, dresses, scarves, boots and more bags!

i just had mark take the bins out of storage, so i’m not sure when i’ll start listing items…hopefully in the next week or two.

in the meantime, all of the items that are currently listed in the shop {barefoot & vintage on etsy} are now 50% off.
everything is under $20!

my faves…
sequined top with bow – pair it with super skinny jeans and your highest, sexiest pumps!
mustard yellow blouse – i imagine it tucked into dark wash bell bottoms, add a skinny belt and wedges, maybe a furry vest and a big floppy hat!
little black dress {the pics don’t do it any justice.} – wear it with a cardigan and flats or even dressed up for a holiday party!

to see these items in more detail – click the following links – in order from left to right:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

thanks for looking!  if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at paige {dot} pitzer {at} gmail {dot} com.

happy tuesday!  now get to shoppin’!

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4 thoughts on “shop girl

  1. Paige, I think it’s a wonderful idea …no eye roll here!! It sounds like the time is right and so I say go for it. Can’t wait to peek around your etsy store -yay, I absolutely adore your taste in clothes; looking forward to snagging something. Have a great day honey!! xo veronika

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