mothers and daughters

my mom is on her way from chicago to LA right this minute!

she’s coming out for a 9 day visit to meet her granddaughter and spend some time with her only child {me!}, new son-in-law and grandson.

eeeeeee!  so excited.

typically, we only get to see each other once or twice a year, which is sad!  growing up, i was really close to both sides of my family…and never imagined that i’d move away from them or raise my own family without them near.  especially my mother!

i contemplate moving back, often.  more so as i get older.  lately, i’m feeling like it’s time to get back to my “roots.”

we’ll see…

for now, i will enjoy my time with mom and we’ll make the most of it!

it’s been at least 2 years since her last visit.  my step dad joined her and we spent our time at venice beach, on the santa monica pier, took a drive up the coast, and just hung out!

okay, i’m signing off…time to tidy up the house and prepare for mom’s arrival!

have a great day!

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ps.  what do we think of my hair color in these photos?  i need a change now that zoey is here!  should i stay ginger or go darker?


10 thoughts on “mothers and daughters

  1. congrats on Zoe, she’s beautiful. I love your hair red. Your Mom is beautiful and she looks like she could be your sister. I live in Portland and my mom lives in Chicago also. It must be really hard to have your mom so far away when you have kids.

  2. i love your hair the way it is now, but it looks awfully gorgeous and rich in these pics!!!!!! and it would be a nice change and will fall coming on…….:) anyway, have a great time with your mom! she will most def fall head over heels for zoey!!

  3. oh my goodness, your mom is so gorgeous (you too, obvs)! Hope you have fun!

    i love the gingers. i kind of want to go red, myself, but don’t think i can. funny thing, I was in san francisco and I got a fortune card from this crazy old school fortune teller booth thing. everything on it was right, then at the end it said something about finding “a red haired person to cultivate.” ha! it looks like i need to find myself a young ginger to teach some life lessons.


  4. Holy smackerals! Was your mom like 14 when she had you????
    She looks A~mazing!!!!

    My mom moved to NC from Jersey 6 years ago.
    It sucks.
    She has a golden rule that she has kept that she won’t go longer than 90 days without seeing the grandkids.
    On occasion it’s gone a little over that timeframe, but such is life.

    Enjoy this time….I am sure she will not want to leave after meeting the new addition!

  5. i know exactly how you feel and you know with my mom having her problems with her kidneys and being on dialysis i wish more then anything to be closer then what i am. It does get harder when you have your own kids and want your mom close. I was always just down the road from ALL my family and it was wonderful i wish that for my kids but i doubt it will ever happen. But maybe soon it will happen for you!

  6. I like your ginger hair. I sometimes cringe when people say this…but you look like your mother and of course, she will be looking for that likeness in Zoey’s face.

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