flying my freak flag

i heard that frizzy hair is “in”.
wait, what?!
i’ve had naturally frizzy hair all my life…

oh thank you fashion people for dictating what is cool.

maybe one day cankles will be seen as a sign of strength and stability.
they’ll be celebrated on the runways and talked about on the glossy pages of fashion mags.

are you flying your freak flag?

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top – local boutique
skirt – thrift store find
flip flops – old navy
necklace – urban outfitters


11 thoughts on “flying my freak flag

  1. Ok…blue is such a fantastic color for reds (as you perfectly demonstrate here!) Yay for your mom coming to town! (Why did you move so far away??) And I am super excited you are re-opening your shop! BTW…I will write via email to catch up now that I know you’ve got some extra time ; )

  2. i totally agree about the color blue on you! so perfect with your hair and your skin tone! i, too have frizzy hair (probably due to the constant high humidity in tennessee!) wave that freak flag loud and proud, lady! :)

  3. Bahaha, if that is frizzy hair, I wish I had it!! Your hair is so gorgeous, and it naturally curls. So jealous. My hair is straight and frizzy, a lovely combo right there. I love this outfit. The blue looks so great on you.

  4. you crack me up! and your hair is not frizzy, it’s gorgeous. it’s the first thing i noticed when i read your blog (and the first thing i got jealous of…then the blouse, then the skirt!)

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