baby approved: art for baby

i discovered art for baby via ashley of baby mine.

art for baby is a board book complete with 12-pages of  eye-popping black and white photos, meant to stimulate and attract the attention of infants and newborns.

immediately after reading ashley’s post, i hopped over to and made the purchase…and i’m so glad i did!

baby z absolutely loves this book.  we spend 3-5 minutes a day looking at the glossy photos.

i also downloaded the early sensory stimulation app for iphone.  it’s 3.99, but for tech-loving, on-the-go mommies – i think it’s a pretty good buy.  {beacause who wants to lug a big book around?}

of course, if you’re a crafty mom – you can always get out your magic markers and construction paper and make your own flash cards.  those are just as good!

how do you keep your newborn/infant stimulated?  would love to hear other ideas!

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2 thoughts on “baby approved: art for baby

  1. :) Jacob loved looking at our shadows. At first he’d just stare at then move. Then we would show him the lamp shining on our hands, then our shadows. Now anytime he sees a shadow (indoors or out) he looks behind us for the light source. Also he’s now startig to wave and move so his shadow moves.

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