oh sweet friday // vol 12

1.  smile!
2. my mother {on the right} circa june 1980 – 4 months after she gave birth to me.  doesn’t she look great?!
3. because parenthood requires a sense of humor.
{go the f**k to sleep by adam mansbach}
4. late afternoon
5. frizzy hair!  told ya.
6. nom
7/8. afternoon walk
9. so bored

my mom left early this am and headed back to IL {sad face}.
so did my bff, who is in town from australia.
i miss them, already!
but zoey and i are enjoying a quiet afternoon – catching up on series premiers…and sleep.  babies don’t sleep as soundly when guests are around.  and when baby doesn’t sleep, mommy doesn’t sleep.  she sure is snoozing away today, though!

looking forward to a nice weekend.

have a good one!

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4 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 12

  1. Your little is adorable as well! Her shots will go fine! SInce she’s so little she’ll probably just sleep it off. It’ll be way harder for you than her probably, it was for me at least.
    Good luck! And nice meeting you!

  2. Hello Paige! Thanks so much for commenting on my “remix review” post. I can’t remember if I responded or not?! I suffer from self-employed/over worked brain. ;-) you were wondering where I bought the skirt -it’s a recent purchase from H&M. Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful fam. ♥ veronika

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