zoey wren – one month old


can you believe it?!

one month old.

and if you’re wondering why i put my daughter on a framed whiteboard, i’ll tell you…

i saw this on pinterest and just had to have.  what a dope way to record baby z – from bdays to milestones to silly photos.

so mark made me one!  all you need is a whiteboard, markers, wood {you can get fancy, but i chose a simple cut}, paint, a glue gun, a handy husband and…


happy one month, little sweet pea.  xo

ps.  thank you for sleeping for 6 hours straight last night!


12 thoughts on “zoey wren – one month old

  1. Yay for Zoey! Big bday today huh little pea? What are you going to do to celebrate? Oh let me guess, stay up late, be really loud and maybe poop in your pants?? Yup, you sure now how to party little one!

  2. THIS. Is the cutest effing thing I’ve ever seen (sorry to use such inappropriate language when talking about your adorable bebe, but it couldn’t be helped)! :)

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