it was so nice to have my mom here for a visit.  she helped out around the house, made dinner for us, held the baby when i needed a break and picked taylor up from school a couple of times.

we even managed to get out of the house for a few hours {daddy stayed with z} for a trip to target, the farmer’s market and a little mother/daughter bonding.

our time together went by way too fast, but i’m so glad she was able to come out!

that’s rebecca – we’ve known each other since we were 15!  she was in town from australia.

our time together was brief, so we crammed in as much chit-chat as we could – about life, family, friends and old times.
i’m sooo glad she was able to meet our little sweet pea!


we have more out-of-town visitors coming out at the end of the week…mark’s parents and grandmother my in-laws!
{still very surreal to say that!}

we are surrounded by so much love.

happy tuesday!

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5 thoughts on “visitors

  1. So sweet that your mom got to visit. You two look so much alike. I really cherish all the time that me, my mom, and Iris spend together. I’ve always been close to my mom, but having a daughter of my own puts things even more in perspective. Good luck with the in-laws!

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