mod. ish.

with the perfect hair, make up, accessories and a great pair of boots – one could pass as twiggy.
or a laugh in version of goldie hawn.


hellloooo…halloween is coming up…
just sayin’.

of course, i wore this yesterday with a pair of leggings and it wasn’t so “costume-y”.
could pass for a maternity dress, as well!
speaking of maternity and leggings – the leggings were maternity and they were totally slipping down my short stems and bunching around my knees while grocery shopping…
trust – there is no easy way to adjust tights in public.
time to stop wearing those.

{dress and handbag for sale at barefoot & vintage on etsy.}

check it out!

vintage dress – for sale in the shop!
leggings – a pea in the pod {maternity}
vintage handbag – for sale in the shop!
mocs – payless


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