serenity now

notice our kitchen in disarray

not 10 minutes before this shot was taken, baby z was screaming her face off.

the evening started out really great…
taylor finished his homework and was outside riding his bike.
baby z was sleeping soundly in her swing.
mark was on his way home from work.
and i was in the kitchen, making dinner for my family.

just as i was about to make a batch of delicious black burn burgers, zoey woke up.  i was a little nervous about juggling the two, but a few mins later, MP walked through the door.  yes!
i handed him the baby and headed back into the kitchen.

he changed her diaper and attempted to give her a bottle, but she just wouldn’t take it.
so we switched…he continued making dinner, while i nursed baby.

shortly after, the night became a blur of baby crying, falling asleep, waking up, crying, falling asleep for a few minutes, waking up, crying, etc etc…

it was hellish.
nothing we did calmed her.

praying to the baby gods

we tried everything…

she was fed, burped, diaper was changed, gas drops were administered, we undressed her, wrapped her, left her unwrapped, tried the pacifier, sang to her, talked to her, took her upstairs where it’s quieter, put her on her tummy, left her alone {because sometimes they’re tired of being held}…nothing was working.

she’d fall asleep for about 10 or 20 minutes, we’d put her back in her swing or bassinet and a few minutes later she’d wake up screaming, again!

we ate our dinner in shifts, to the tune of tired baby cries.

oh sure, she looks like an angel. but do not be fooled, my friends.

thing is, she’s perfect during the day…

but come 5 pm – til about 9 or 10 – shit hits the fan and she goes bananas.

she doesn’t have colic.  this i know.  maybe it’s gas?  maybe it’s the coffee i drink in the am?

is it possible she’s conned us into holding her until she falls asleep?  are we suckers for picking up a crying baby?  i mean, what’s wrong with that at this point?  she’s still a new-born.  and now she cries with tears!  when i see those tears, a little part of me dies inside.

we’re suckers aren’t we?

and sure, she looks really sweet in that last photo, but several mins later she was crying again.  so we both got nakey and hopped in the bath to relax.  it seemed to do the trick somewhat.  after our bath we got into bed and i fed her.

she finally zonked out around 9.


she pulled this stunt last night, too.

what will tonight bring?  i shudder to think.

suggestions are welcome.


11 thoughts on “serenity now

  1. oh sweetie you poor thing!!! I honestly wish i had a good suggestion for you :( My little guy quite literally cried from about 6 till 10 for the first 5 months of his life. And I couldn’t find a thing to fix it. In the end Chris and i worked out a system where one of us would deal with him one night and the other the next. It kept us mildly sane.

    I really really really how little Zoey doesn’t pull the same crap with you :( Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

  2. oh man, P! i wish i had some magic baby advice to give, but im inept in that dept. our downstairs neighbors had a baby 4 months ago, and their little guy does the same – from about 5-10pm! wtf, is it like, the baby witching hour(s) or something?? :(

    unrelated, we have the same microwave/stove, hah!

  3. first off, heavens that is such a pretty blouse on you! but, when isaiah was a wee thing (i forget just how old) he was a monster from about 5-8. crying and carrying on uncontrollably. thankfully, matt got home around 5:30 so i wasn’t alone with a screaming baby for too long. then eventually he just got over it. i think it’s pretty normal, like ‘the witching hour’ or something. it just really sucks for a while. maybe try a bouncy seat? that thing saved me from unlawful acts more than once :)

  4. I was a single mom when I went through an episode like this. Sometimes, I would strap baby in the car and go for a little drive…it would often put her in a deep sleep.

    Another idea might be to have Mark sing. It may sound sexist, but guys tend to have a deeper tone to their voices and an upset baby needs to hush to hear and feel the song.

  5. Holy crap that sucks!
    I call it the Second Child Nightmare.
    oh sure, the first one was so good…so “easy” and then the 2nd one arrives and you look to the baby gods with disdain for being duped into this.
    I know….I’ve been there!
    My daughter Ryan screamed half of her infanthood away.
    Also, she didn’t consistently sleep through the night for the first 8 YEARS.
    No lie.

  6. You are not alone. My little one (who is just a tad over 5 weeks old) is an angel during the day and after 11:30pm, but between the hours of 4pm and 11:30pm, she can be the loudest, shriekiest, inconsolable baby ever! We walk, rock, bounce, dance, bathe, change the diaper, wrap, unwrap, swing, change positions, feed… There have been nights when I’m rocking and walking her for 2-3 hours straight! I read that this is typical cranky time for babes; a time for them to unwind from their day and get all the stresses out (because it’s oh-so-stressful). Have you read Touchpoints by Dr. Brazelton? It’s been very helpful and reassuring to me, especially as I’m a first-time mom.

    Oh, and we’re also having the problem where she conks out, but as soon as I put her down, she wakes up. I also read that babies need about 10 minutes to really be asleep before transferring them elsewhere.

    Good luck!

  7. First of all, you are a saint. That you cook, care for two children, are married, and still look hot…I’m amazed, in the truest sense of the word.

    If the vacuum trick isn’t working, I’d say things have gotten seriously dire. In that case, read this book:

    It has some issues and obviously shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but I’ve used it with two families (and a total of 3 kids) for whom I’ve nannied and it works freaking miracles. The sleep schedule, the idea of sleep as a learned skill, etc- these were super helpful for me and for the families of the babies I was jiggling around all day. So, I hope this helps. If it doesn’t, I’ll at least come take over for a few hours so you can get a nap. Just let me grab a plane ticket… :)

  8. Happiest Baby on the Block is a great book. It’s my personal opinion that you just hang in there and wait it out for the most part…and it WILL end. :) I had very very fussy babies and they about did me in!

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