baby approved: moby wrap

who knew 500 yards of fabric could be so productive.

we love it!

once baby is strapped in securely, the options for activity are endless…

i can tinkle, do the dishes, sort laundry, blog, go for a walk, make lunch, talk on the phone, etc.

i’ve only experimented with one variation, but i can’t wait to try the others.

i’m only slightly concerned that mark will come home from work one evening and baby and i will be caught in a web of fabric…knowing me, i’ll follow the instructions incorrectly and zoey will be wrapped, albeit safe and secure, around my calf.  upside down.


i would recommend the moby wrap to any new mommy or daddy!
{great gift idea, too.}


6 thoughts on “baby approved: moby wrap

  1. I lived for my Baby Bjorn (no wraps 9 years ago). It was the only way I could get ANYTHING done.
    I used to call my daughter my little papoose since she was always attached to me!

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