i’m not one to love animal print…

but you wouldn’t know it according to these photos.
{the giraffe printed thingy is my nursing pillow.}

can i toot my own baby making horn for a second?  of course i can.
isn’t she freaking adorbs?!
i just wanna eat those little cheeks!  and those arms!  and that bottom lip!

{i apologize for the grainy-ness.  the pics were taken with my iphone.}

thanks for listening to me boast.

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9 thoughts on “rawr.

  1. Aww, what a little cutie pie & fashionista! Ah, love those tights with the pink ballet slipper detail & that dress is fabulous. Yes, you are totally allowed to toot your horn -it’s so cute that you’re such a proud mama. xo veronika

  2. So So Cute Paige!!! I must say my Granddaughter is THE Cutest lil thing! HA, I can brag to, right? Love the pics…
    xoxo, Love, Mom

  3. Hi,
    It was the first thing I thought seeing this photo`s, Those cheeks are very edible…my oh my, you must bite them constantly….be careful for bite marks though, they might report to some kind of child protection service….;-)


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