mommy survival guide – month one

baby zoey is 6 weeks old today.
she is growing and changing before our very eyes!

i can hardly believe a month has come and gone.

with that being said, i thought i’d share the items {my faves} that have seen me through the last 6 weeks of being a new mommy.

1. total baby app for iphone
i use it all the time – for keeping track of naps, her feeding schedule, diaper changes, doctor appointments, growth charts and anything else that may be of importance to record.
it’s very handy!

2. ibooks
yep, another app!
as a person who loves to read and loves the smell of a brand new book – i’m not really a fan of electronic reading devices…
however, as you can probably imagine, it’s hard to nurse a baby and hold a book open…so i use this app quite frequently…most often during late night feedings.  it’s so convenient!

3. bosom baby nursing pillow by luna lullaby
originally, i didn’t want one, thought a pillow would work just fine, but now that i have it – i’m so glad i do!
it’s super soft, comes in several different colors and patterns, machine washable, has great support for mommy and baby and fits snuggly around the torso.
i’ve even found it to be of great assistance when big brothers {or sisters} want to hold the newbie.

{image source}

4. aden + anais swaddle blankets
{a little pricey, but SO worth it.}
baby z is like a little houdini, but these blankets seem to hold her in!
the muslin fabric is light-weight, forms snuggly to her body and gets softer with every wash.
plus, the prints are adorable!
check out their website for product info, swaddle instructions, store locations or to donate to the swaddle love foundation.

other things to have on hand:

*little tummys gas relief drops
*a journal
*bottles of water
*snacks – i always have nutrigrain bars and pretzels within reach
*nursing bras that are comfy enough to sleep in
*nipple cream {i like medela tender care} and nursing pads {for leaky boobies}
*a big box of patience

what are your new mommy must-haves?

ps. even if you’re not a new mommy, maybe you can share these suggestions with a new mommy friend or family member…or neighbor!

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6 thoughts on “mommy survival guide – month one

  1. i am just amazed at all the awesome stuff they’ve come out with since i had a baby!!! a little jealous, but i’m happy to pass along these tips to my good friend who just had her first on tuesday!!! i sent her the link to the baby app. so glad you shared these :)

  2. Time IS flying! This really makes me want to get a new phone…I’m still in the stoneage here! Completely agree with good nursing bras and nursing pads! (I have reuseable pads but have gotten lazy and just stuffed some paper towels in my bras…don’t judge!)

    I always need to keep a burp cloth around, if not I’m always grabbing for something washable in reach. Oh, and I have cups of water ALL over the house…gotta keep hydrated!

  3. your little one is too adorable :) and while i’m no where near ready to be a mom,i always appreciate mom posts like this! good information to know :)

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