ten twelve

oh hai.
it’s just me…getting dressed and sharing.

mother nature is messin’ with me big time.
it was cold and rainy last week…
i was wearing wool socks and my chunkiest sweater.
this week, it’s like summer all over again.
temps in the 80s.  sunny skies for miles.  tank tops and air conditioning.

i suppose i shouldn’t rush fall/winter too much.  come january, i’ll be back to work, instead of hanging with this chick…


oh guess what?

today is my two month wedding anniversary!


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tank top, horoscope necklace, vest – urban outfitters
other necklace – pasadena rose bowl flea market
skirt – target
head scarf – vintage thrift find


13 thoughts on “ten twelve

  1. Paige, this is such a gorgeous outfit! And oh my goodness these photos are SO adorable!! Zoe is just such a cutie pie and you are one stunning mama! And enjoy the heat while you can lady, it’s been feeling awfully chilly in my region, brrrr. xo veronika

  2. i was smitten from the first glimpse! you look stunning and i am definitely a fan of the color combo you’ve got going on…
    little zoey has already got the classic blogger “stare the camera down” look down..she’s gonna be a pro! :)

  3. Hello back!!!! I have been visiting quiet alot because baby Z is so adorable and her little red hair to die for, I hope Im ever so lucky someday! Love the vest by the way and you look so great after just having a baby!

  4. I love that skirt! I have a similar one in black that I’ve been trying to figure out how to wear. I am so awkward with long skirts. The baby is so adorable-look at those cute cheeks!

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